Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sharkboy has a family??

 Hi Everyone and Happy Halloween!

I was working on the Bates Mansion between classes, Yes Im going to school now but it's not all Sunshine and Lolly Pops.  You Remember Sharkboy right?  I used him to measure the scale of my other houses/cabins..ect (some of you didnt like his face covering so I had to fix it)  well it looks like He's had a family (actually they are dolls that I found at the store that havnt sold.  I kept looking at them and I finally realized they were the same scale as Sharkboy....Taaa Daaa..instant family.  (how many men has that happened too.use protection boys..thats all Im sayin)

Anyway here's the family on a quick trip to a Christmas Display (thats Melissa and Doug stuff that I got from a vendor dirt cheap)  notice how the entire family is in scale ...sorry if it's blurry I was shooting by hand I just got my camera ready with new batteries

 and here is the family in front of the Bates Mansion...I know the rails are crooked Im still working on it ..they even have a dog and cat..I had to paint hair on the baby I was going for blonde but it turned red so I just left it alone

 so thats it, I just have to finish up the siding and use the mixture on it (Joint compound and glue..50/50 mix) that should sturdy it up a bit..and then comes the windows..doors.second floor..Im not going to finish up the interior thats not what Im doing with these houses and I have to go back and repair the Meyers house some child went  and grabbed the rails off it.  ..oh well

Happy Halloween


PS..Supernatural is ending...better try to catch up before it's gone..(Dean is my Favorite) 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

One and Done

 Thats what I used to do, but I was angry this time so I decided to work on four houses at the same time...Take a look at how that went.

so three of them are finished and up in the haunted room....that was fun and now Rich has his dining room table back,  im on the fence about the Bates doesn't look like it should and Im not sure I want to finish it or correct it..I know that Rich will sell it if someone comes in and wants to buy it.  Thats sort of ok you cant keep everything..even though my favorite is the meyers house. i used to dream about making I have I think it turned out great. ( I do well on abandoned houses that used to be the home of serial killers or gateways to hell) :) 

thats it for now, Im heading back to school tomorrow  so I'll have to put crafting aside for a while



Saturday, August 8, 2020

Cabin in the woods

 Hi Guys

Ive been working on a few things for the store, if you remember I made the Evil Dead Cabin last year and it was in the toy room for an entire year. I got used to seeing it there.  I came in every weekend to see the Evil Dead cabin with furniture in the toy room, it became a fixture....a warm comforting little demonic cabin that I built with blood sweat and mod podge.  Then Rich built a horror room with creepy skeltons and horror posters and I bought a few playsets that needed to go into the toy room so I moved the cabin over to Rich's side....big mistake.   It stayed there for a few weeks until he needed room for some board games because Corona hit and people were staying home...into the horror room went the cabin...3 days later it was sold.  I almost cried but thats the nature of this business if you want something take it home kids that are in this business learn that quick.  so now Im making 4 houses to go into the room..take a peek below

please excuse the clutter on my desk Lillys leash in the photo, I didnt think to clean before I shot the photos I was just excited that I made them I didnt think I could do that and it surprised me. I was a little scared of the bates mansion but I made it look even more menacing than in the hitchcock movie by putting the windows closer together. I remember the scene with Vera Miles walking up to the house and looking at it knowing it had a secret. Hitchcock was a wonderful Director

so thats it..I will post more when I get further along



Thursday, February 20, 2020

I hate that dang Groundhog

Hi guys

we have 6 more weeks of winter and Im bored out of my mind. I took Rich some lunch and got a space in front of the bank...that never happens here usually its busy but not today
I I made a few plants out of old envelopes just to see if I could do it

turns out I can do it, don't look too close this is just going to be used as display in the toy room I have a Barbie wedding to put together up there

and since we have a little guy I didn't want to use things that may hurt him if he put something in his mouth or grabbed it off the shelf so I used paper glue and dry erase markers *little kids make you paranoid, I saw a tide pods commercial on tv..after that I put all the soap up on a higher shelf*
when I remake the spider plant and the snake plant I'll do a better job but like I said this is just to fill up the Barbie wedding set.
just to give you an idea of the size I put in a supergirl doll that we have for sale, Ive had burn out so I took a while to finish up my superman phone booth
  but in my defense Ive been fighting the against the man.
anger doesn't work if you want to be creative so Im calming down..I'll get around to the phone booth and post that later

 if you do want to make plants it will take some time to do it right but if you just need some green stuff to fill up a space hit up youtube and do some blog searches cause if I can do it so can you

till next month

Hugs and Love

Saturday, January 11, 2020

I won!!!!!

Hi Guys

I won Felmas give away for the holiday dress, Im so excited and very happy to be a winner
I got the email on my phone and accidently deleted it when I was outside with Lilly (she had to go potty) I showed it to Lilly and we danced around in the snow. I briefly thought about making snow angels but that's were Lilly goes potty so I nixed that idea.

here is the dress
thank you Felma, your dress looks beautiful and I am so happy to have it.

that's all for now

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Eat Fresh or Im making food for thanksgiving

Hi Guys,
Ive been a bit lazy with my building but I did have time to finish making mini food, I bought this at a thrift store..its pretty plain and missing the food/patio set that went with Im making the food and I have some patio furniture from a coffee shop that I made 5 years ago that Im going to add to it. take a peek below (all of this was made out of tissue paper and chalk pastels)

this is something I made from polymer clay..nachos for a magnet that I was selling at work7 years ago I don't know if I should include it because some kids little brother or sister is probably going to take a bite out of it (poly clay wont kill ya but the last thing I need is some angry mom complaining about it)

I think I can do better on the nachos....(after a 5 year hiatus I'd better be)

soooo that's what Ive been up too,

See ya next time and happy thanksgiving

Hugs Marisa :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Witch is Back

Hey Guys,
it's been a while since I've had time to visit my blog, a lot has happened to me since last summer, my there have been a few funerals and a surprise birth (welcome Liam) I dont have a photo of him to show you but hes a very cute baby (everyone who has a baby says that but this time it's true) Ive been busy working my fingers to the bone (getting boney fingers)

I had some down time so I made this game of thrones chair (I actually made 3 one went to my Lead at work, I got laid off again so I gifted her one the other when to Big Mike at finders keepers now called the coocoo's nest Im a big deal in the creek *we say that BUT its really called Sugarcreekl* his Son put a monkey on it love em)  take a peek down below.

 this is how I made the swords while I was watching tv..Supernatural is ending this year and they've been showing all the episodes on TV since Ive been laid off I been catching up..Dean Winchester is such a bad boy....dont tell Rich

so this is what it looks like in the display case..I had to bent the card stock back and I didn't finish the back on two of them because no one was going to see the back, Rich complained and said I should so I did ...that's the one he took to Big Mike *can you see me roll my eyes thru the computer?*  I will see you next month