Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time certainly does fly

Hi Guys,
Lilly is finally free of heart worms, her last test came back negative so we are in the clear
she is losing the weight but she still thinks shes a skinny dog. like her Mom.
so while I was stressing over her and the heart worms I worked on my old trailers
 as you can see I changed the color on one and made it a beach theme with pink accessories

 the Second one I left the color as it was and changed it to a fortune tellers caravan. it was a challenge to change it up a bit but I think I did ok with it.

I like how they turned out and I stole the old pot belly stove from the roombox that I plan on redoing into something else. they kept me busy while I was busy stressing out over Lilly.  I tell her that I love her everyday. she fills the hole in my heart that was there when Lady and Honey passed away. I've had such bad luck with Animals

moving on..Im working on my detergent bottles this time and Im moving back into the family room upstairs. it's a big mess with barbies and kens and gi joes all over the place.

till next time



Saturday, November 26, 2016

I was going to color my hair but...

I decided to make this little Diorama instead,

Hi Guys 

I found this little Cheez - it Nascar at the thrift store ..the back wheels are missing so I'd been sitting on it for a while until I was looking online and found out that they do burn outs on the track. that was all the inspiration I needed to mock this up the poles for the fence are drinking straws, the fence is from an onion bag, the concrete barrier is cardboard and computer paper. 

I got the idea of distressing it from Elizabeth who did a stairway in her dollhouse, it's really easy to do and the paper in the fence is just glue that I let dry and paint white. you see that if you go to a real nascar race.   

 so this is what it looks like at the store, Rich has a booth full of nothing but car,truck, spaceship models so this will fit right in.
 not to leave you hanging but this is the G.I Joe Barracks that Im making for my Joes, on youtube there is a tutorial on my froggystuff that shows how to make it out of cereal boxes which works for me..I need to display it on the store shelf and I dont have a lot of space.

so that's it for now..I'll show you how the barracks turn out..I work 6 days a week so it may be a while

Merry Christmas if I dont see you


Monday, November 14, 2016

I drive by her house with my radio turned up loud

Hi, Guys, 
yea I have to admit that it's me driving by this womans house who was mean to me. I was going a way I hadn't gone before because of road work and who did I see in the yard...HER!! so now that I know where she lives I drive by in the morning on my way to work blaring my radio but I dont do it everyday..that would be mean :) 

 I bought this Elsa doll a few weeks ago and she had black marker all over her face and orange marker around her hair line and on her ears.  I went on line to see what I could do about it and this one post said to use peroxide pimple cream..but it was for ink pen stains!  I figure what did I have to loose I got her for less than $0.50 in a bag of three dolls (I said I wasn't going to buy anymore but for $.50 I couldnt pass it up)  

 I found this clearasil in the bathroom behind the other stuff we had in there and I gave it a took a week of leaving her in the sun but her face is clear and the stains are gone (or less noticable..I can still see a slight discoloration but it's not bad)  so thats my tip of the day. 

and below are the finished G. I. Joe scenes I made a wrecked building and a pier check them out

 I also picked up a scooter but it's too big for the Joes, but it fits a modern Holly Hobby doll and I have a Lizzie doll from Tinkerbell that can sit on it with the Holly Hobby Doll..I just had to make the seat for them to sit on
so that's what Ive been up too..Im going to work on my trailers next. they need to be finished up



Saturday, October 29, 2016

All the G.I. Joe's

Happy October Everyone!

I've been very busy this month, my Father in law passed away and Lilly was diagnosed with heart worm disease..the woman at the vets office wasnt sure that I would keep her and follow the heart worm disease regime but I assured her that I was up to the task. 

Every day she gets two doses of medicine and every month I give her one heart worm chew then she needs to go to the vets for a shot in her spine and they keep her overnight. I browsed the web for the proceedure and was shocked at what I found.  but the nice lady at the vet assured me that it wouldnt be as bad as the web described it plus Lilly is a very young dog.

so that's what Ive been up too, I worked on a G.I joe coffee shop (cause I need to get rid of some dolls I have two christmas boxes full and I really need to cut down on my hoard)  here are the photos

I made the chairs out of wire and the tables are card stock, the building is a box that I covered with paper.  I watched a video on youtube on how to do's pretty next one will probbly be an office or barrack for the G.I. joes (did I mention that I have a lot of dolls?)  when I dive into something I go deep. I'll probably wind up doing something for the Barbies...they need something to liven up their area.  (plus if you just put up some dolls people just cruise on by without looking (but their kids do they spend a lot of time in the toy room)

so thats about it for now..I'll show you how it looks with the G.I. Joe's and that line in the title is from a Stephen King Movie..the book was good but the movie was terrible.
I couldnt watch the Tv show either  but feel free to check out the Tommyknockers yourself
Happy Halloween!

Marisa :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom Jones and Me

for those of you going back to school, (thanks a bunch for making me late for could hurry up a bit getting into the school bus ya know)  anways...

you know Cooper right, here he is playing with his football having a good time
 and this is Lilly..sometimes I call her Lulu ...she answers to anything ..she is supposed to be a beagle but she is a doxie...a long haired one too..I've been fooled by a pet rescuer and now I have a designer dog.  she's going to fit in nicely here in Sugarcreek when the ohio swiss festival comes around.
 so moving on I made a Beach Cottage again, this time in White....poke the photo's to make them bigger.

 it took me a while to finish up everything because Im working 10 - 5 now.  I've had to get adjusted to waking up at 6:30 so I can take Lilly out to potty.  she's a very silly dog but very loving...which reminds me of Baxter he used to love to get in my face too. 
this is my luke Skywalker Ken Doll, I made his outfit and put him with all the star wars stuff that we have at the store (I gotta start moving some dolls I have 4 boxes full of them) no more dolls for me ...I only got started on them because someone *you know who you are* showed a pullip doll and that was it...I fell into the doll world hook line and sinker (actually it didn't take much to push me in I already had the barbie fixation going on from when I was a tween) 

so that's it for now..Im working on another project this time it's bitter 1/6th scale

see you later


Monday, August 8, 2016

The dog days of Summer are finally here

Hey Guys,
I finally made another barn for the toy room, this one is red and I do have some farm animals to put inside.  I used a breyer horse just to show you the scale sorry if the photo is a bit blurry I was trying to hold on to Cooper..he just yanks me everywhere he wants to go and he didnt want to wait for me to take photos. and no the farm animals are not that big they are smaller than the breyer horse so they fit perfectly.

..we got a new dog..a rescue named Lilly,  Im excited too..she was almost run over by a trucker who brought her home, they found out she was going to have puppies and they took care of her until she delivered..9 weeks later most of the puppies have gone to forever  homes but Lilly still needed a home.  that's were I came in...I was a little upset about Honey and my friendly banker told me I needed something to make me happy so he suggested a new puppy...I wasnt going for it

than I talked to the lady who had Lilly...she realized I needed an older dog so the suggested that I take Lilly when the pups were ready...that's how she came to me.  she's perfect and she loves to snuggle and so do I :)

Have a wonderful summer..


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey You Guys!! I've been gone awhile

Ive been gone for a while, what happened was...I got laid off...I got transferred so they didn't have to pay me for the lay off they just transfered me to another place...I was in training for 5 months and now I have another job.  on top of that two of my dogs passsed away I lost Ladybug and Honey, the truck had to have some work done.  yea that about covers to keep busy I started working on my police box (it's barbie scale) I dont know if you can call it a Tardis without the BBC coming after you (see what I did there..very slick of me isn't it.)

so that's about it, this is on display at the store (the store where I have an entire toy room to myself)  and I have a Doctorwho doll in the works for it (ya know you dont have to sew if you dont want too...they have menders tape and glue...makes my life very easy)

I've missed you guys but I've been posting to your Blogs when I I have time again so I can post more often..stay tuned I have another project in the works


PS they put the Doctor who show on hiatus because the new guy totally ruined it..why would you mess up something that works..just get a guy who looks like David Tennant put in a few girls ...Boom goes the dynamite..but no.  you had to screw it up...ah well..I still have my DVD's of the series to keep me warm.