Saturday, January 11, 2020

I won!!!!!

Hi Guys

I won Felmas give away for the holiday dress, Im so excited and very happy to be a winner
I got the email on my phone and accidently deleted it when I was outside with Lilly (she had to go potty) I showed it to Lilly and we danced around in the snow. I briefly thought about making snow angels but that's were Lilly goes potty so I nixed that idea.

here is the dress
thank you Felma, your dress looks beautiful and I am so happy to have it.

that's all for now

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Eat Fresh or Im making food for thanksgiving

Hi Guys,
Ive been a bit lazy with my building but I did have time to finish making mini food, I bought this at a thrift store..its pretty plain and missing the food/patio set that went with Im making the food and I have some patio furniture from a coffee shop that I made 5 years ago that Im going to add to it. take a peek below (all of this was made out of tissue paper and chalk pastels)

this is something I made from polymer clay..nachos for a magnet that I was selling at work7 years ago I don't know if I should include it because some kids little brother or sister is probably going to take a bite out of it (poly clay wont kill ya but the last thing I need is some angry mom complaining about it)

I think I can do better on the nachos....(after a 5 year hiatus I'd better be)

soooo that's what Ive been up too,

See ya next time and happy thanksgiving

Hugs Marisa :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Witch is Back

Hey Guys,
it's been a while since I've had time to visit my blog, a lot has happened to me since last summer, my there have been a few funerals and a surprise birth (welcome Liam) I dont have a photo of him to show you but hes a very cute baby (everyone who has a baby says that but this time it's true) Ive been busy working my fingers to the bone (getting boney fingers)

I had some down time so I made this game of thrones chair (I actually made 3 one went to my Lead at work, I got laid off again so I gifted her one the other when to Big Mike at finders keepers now called the coocoo's nest Im a big deal in the creek *we say that BUT its really called Sugarcreekl* his Son put a monkey on it love em)  take a peek down below.

 this is how I made the swords while I was watching tv..Supernatural is ending this year and they've been showing all the episodes on TV since Ive been laid off I been catching up..Dean Winchester is such a bad boy....dont tell Rich

so this is what it looks like in the display case..I had to bent the card stock back and I didn't finish the back on two of them because no one was going to see the back, Rich complained and said I should so I did ...that's the one he took to Big Mike *can you see me roll my eyes thru the computer?*  I will see you next month


Saturday, June 30, 2018

June is almost over

Hello Everyone,
I hope your having a wonderful summer, I know Im vacation just work work work...I still go on buying sprees for the toy room, I got some new things and we put lights on the outside of the  building so it looks cute at night, I didn't do it Rich did with his friends (I call them the sugarcreek boys) all they talk about are donuts, gas stuff and old car parts, you'd be take a look below

Like I said I've been busy, theres a lot more in the basement
Richard is going to open that up later for people to store items and maybe do a Saturday style swap meet/garage sale..I didn't show you the model car section because I have nothing at all to do with that I don't need more to do I just do toys...that star wars tie fighter in the last photo was a steal I got it because the door was broken you can see it right on the top it's missing some guy says oh it's broken...??? so he didn't buy it...a few min later this 10 year old came up and wanted it..I sold it to him ...the other guy came back and wanted to know if I would take less for it since it was broke..I laughed and said it was sold ..people so that's what Ive been crafts no houses just scouring the yard sales and thrift stores to fill up the toy room. oh well during the winter it slows down and I can rest then
Hope you enjoy your Summer


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy Birthday to me

Hi guys,
I worked on this project last year and I didn't get if finished in time for Halloween
 its the cabin from Evil Dead I finished the trellis and the swinging chair, yes it is supposed to be off kilter because the evil dead like to slide around on it. the remake which I didn't like shows a few more details but I just focused on the main room and the outside.

I made all the furniture and lamps and bookshelf for the cabin I even added a few books, I didn't make the reel to reel or the desk or the book but I have them on my work bench (if you put stuff like that out people tend to walk off with it) I even made a deer head for the fireplace but I neglected to take a photo of it, youd think with Christmas being here there would be tons of reindeer figures that I could lop the head off of but I couldn't find any to kill for the cause so I made my own with a prescription cap, large bobby pin, paper towel, glue and some twigs from the trees outside.
I'll get you a photo later

 yes that is Batman, I found him at a yard sale and he fits the house perfectly, Rich stole him but I know hes downstairs in the man cave so when Im ready to get started on the Haddonfield house I'll go get him. he's supposed to be 6/4 220 so if hes that big and tall and fits in the door Id say I nailed the scale :)
and this is what the inside looked like beofe I painted it white, I thought it would look good grundgy but it didn't turn out well so I repained it and I left the ceiling in dire need of repair with a few roof leaks

so that's if for my birthday post, I'm working on cleaning my workroom, Ive seen Casey cleaning hers and Ive never done mine. I need to get rid of a lot of things that I kept because I thought I would us them. 3 years later I haven't touched anything so it's time to go or at least clean out the stuff I don't use

Im loving this computer now that I have the new screen on it and now I can take it anywhere in the house. I hate being on the desktop cause I had to run up and down the stairs anytime someone came over

so happy birthday to me and my houses of horror (you know I could go off on this cabin thing cause there are tons of movies about cabins, like Cabin in the woods, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Dead Snow, Antichrist, Cabin Fever, Friday the 13, the Breed, Id better get busy Ive got a lot of work to do.)


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Hi Guys
sorry I've been gone for a while but we had some drama at the store, upstairs in the apartments one of the tenants has a special needs child that she home schools but she doesn't keep an eye on apparently so what happened was.......

she was mopping the bathroom floor and filled the bucket up because she was mopping the kitchen too (this is a two bedroom with a fairly large living room) the little girl wanted to help and wound up dumping the bucket all over the floor in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and the living room!

well before she could get it all up it travelled downstairs and onto the toyroom ceiling! everything plush is ruined and I had to clean everything from the wet ceiling tiles.

Im furious, I told Rich I want her to pay for the toys that I had to throw away but he says its not worth the trouble because it would make her feel bad. (Im supposed to let this go because it would hurt her feelings?  ok that's new)  if it were one of his vendors hed do it or say something but since it's my stuff it ok, I get the need to keep the peace but still.

so Ive been busy cleaning the apartments, this time hasn't been so bad some of the tenants want their cleaning dep back so they do clean their apartments one studio had 7 people living there and two of the girls were pregnant. but they did clean the place so ....

I'll get back to making minis soon I hope  and back on blogger too, I had to change the screen on this laptop 50.00 and a youtube tutorial so now Im back on line and the other laptop messed up so I fixed that and the one at the store had to be repaired so I did that and then the internet conked out Im so happy that December is over.

Happy New Year


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Welcome to the Toy Room

Hi Everyone, 
I just wanted to show you some photos of the finished Laundry Room Bottles and a few photos of the Toy room, the reason I made the bottles was to fill an empty space on the shelf of the Toy Room.  but with all the colors you dont even see them. oh well Im sure someone will notice them. take a peek below.

 This is the start of the toy room, I think I did a good job cleaning up because the kids love to destroy it, some parents dont monitor their children so I get a lot of things broken or missing (actually stolen) but it's retail so what can you do?  it's gonna happen and it happens all the time.  I hope you enjoy the tour :)

 Now at the back near the corner I put a few halloween costumes on the racks, then a few venders wanted to put things back there and now its full of clothes and there is a second rack of childrens clothes too cause it is a toy room.  I think I'll put a sign up asking parents not to let their children play with the toys unless they intend to buy them.  I hope it doesnt offend anyone but just last week someone broke a porcelain doll and just shoved it under one of the shelves.  again it's retail that's going to happen.

below I finished two Monster High dolls, Clawdeen Wolf and Abby Abominable, Abby was 1.00 in a bag with another boil perm and shes back to normal.  Clawdeen was found in the trash when one of the renters moved out across the street from the store (yes I dug through the trash because they threw away a doll house and I got it along with a few dolls)  so I fixed up Clawdeen with some spare body parts I got from Amazon there is a tutorial on line about painting them to match the doll with paint and mod podge but I've had her 3 years so I might just keep her..dunno yet..
they say that when a kids parents own a store like the one Rich does the kids get used to having things sold and if they want to keep something they hold on to it but a lot of things go thats how I felt about Monster High Dolls, if I cant have a pullip then barbie, bratz monster high were the next best thing but I've got too many of them now I have to sell off a lot. oh well..

Im working on a dollhouse again I'll let  you know how it turns out I have a few things to do before that, Rich wants me to make a space ship so Im doing that and then Im working on the Tower from the Disney Movie Tangled then the dollhouse. 

Lilly says Hi and Claudette gives you a smile (the cat and the dog)