Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom Jones and Me

for those of you going back to school, (thanks a bunch for making me late for could hurry up a bit getting into the school bus ya know)  anways...

you know Cooper right, here he is playing with his football having a good time
 and this is Lilly..sometimes I call her Lulu ...she answers to anything ..she is supposed to be a beagle but she is a doxie...a long haired one too..I've been fooled by a pet rescuer and now I have a designer dog.  she's going to fit in nicely here in Sugarcreek when the ohio swiss festival comes around.
 so moving on I made a Beach Cottage again, this time in White....poke the photo's to make them bigger.

 it took me a while to finish up everything because Im working 10 - 5 now.  I've had to get adjusted to waking up at 6:30 so I can take Lilly out to potty.  she's a very silly dog but very loving...which reminds me of Baxter he used to love to get in my face too. 
this is my luke Skywalker Ken Doll, I made his outfit and put him with all the star wars stuff that we have at the store (I gotta start moving some dolls I have 4 boxes full of them) no more dolls for me ...I only got started on them because someone *you know who you are* showed a pullip doll and that was it...I fell into the doll world hook line and sinker (actually it didn't take much to push me in I already had the barbie fixation going on from when I was a tween) 

so that's it for now..Im working on another project this time it's bitter 1/6th scale

see you later


Monday, August 8, 2016

The dog days of Summer are finally here

Hey Guys,
I finally made another barn for the toy room, this one is red and I do have some farm animals to put inside.  I used a breyer horse just to show you the scale sorry if the photo is a bit blurry I was trying to hold on to Cooper..he just yanks me everywhere he wants to go and he didnt want to wait for me to take photos. and no the farm animals are not that big they are smaller than the breyer horse so they fit perfectly.

..we got a new dog..a rescue named Lilly,  Im excited too..she was almost run over by a trucker who brought her home, they found out she was going to have puppies and they took care of her until she delivered..9 weeks later most of the puppies have gone to forever  homes but Lilly still needed a home.  that's were I came in...I was a little upset about Honey and my friendly banker told me I needed something to make me happy so he suggested a new puppy...I wasnt going for it

than I talked to the lady who had Lilly...she realized I needed an older dog so the suggested that I take Lilly when the pups were ready...that's how she came to me.  she's perfect and she loves to snuggle and so do I :)

Have a wonderful summer..


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey You Guys!! I've been gone awhile

Ive been gone for a while, what happened was...I got laid off...I got transferred so they didn't have to pay me for the lay off they just transfered me to another place...I was in training for 5 months and now I have another job.  on top of that two of my dogs passsed away I lost Ladybug and Honey, the truck had to have some work done.  yea that about covers to keep busy I started working on my police box (it's barbie scale) I dont know if you can call it a Tardis without the BBC coming after you (see what I did there..very slick of me isn't it.)

so that's about it, this is on display at the store (the store where I have an entire toy room to myself)  and I have a Doctorwho doll in the works for it (ya know you dont have to sew if you dont want too...they have menders tape and glue...makes my life very easy)

I've missed you guys but I've been posting to your Blogs when I I have time again so I can post more often..stay tuned I have another project in the works


PS they put the Doctor who show on hiatus because the new guy totally ruined it..why would you mess up something that works..just get a guy who looks like David Tennant put in a few girls ...Boom goes the dynamite..but no.  you had to screw it up...ah well..I still have my DVD's of the series to keep me warm.

Monday, February 8, 2016

I've got an hour till closing time

Hi Guys,
this is the beach house I made for the xmas give away at work, I liked the idea so much that I made my own swinging 60's beach house for the undersized urbanite contest.  I finished it up today because work has been crazy. .

as you can see I pretty much stayed with the concept but I chaned the roof a little bit..I didn't like the white one and I painted it yellow but for some reason the flash washed out the yellow all you can see at streaks...that's ok..sun damaged works too
 this is sort of what the beach pads looked like in the Frankie and Annette Movies, only they had darker chairs..Im not painting that one I got it as Lisa's give away ...I might need it for something else
 you can see that it's up on posts, because it floods when the tide comes in...
 I couldn't find a lot of sixtys stuff..I did luck out and find some photos that I printed off and I had the bed and dresser from a kit I got from the store..(Rich doesn't know I took this dont tell him)

it's supposed to look a little dumpy, like a crash pad ..I think it's ok for a 60's beach crash pad..too bad I dont have a honda motorcycle...

so that's it..I have to run over to UU and post this there

wish me luck and dont forget to vote



Sunday, December 6, 2015

We got a Puppy :)

Hi Guys
Say Hello to D.B. ..he's 5 months old and hes in love with Richard...I think I told you we lost Jack and Lady..they both passed away during the same month.  Rich was devastated when he lost Jack ..I was really sad about Lady but I had to put her down..she was in pain and I loved her too much to let her go though that.  D.B here needed a home..the girl who had him wasn't taking care of him and he deserved to be loved so now he's with us and we love him *though Honey and the cats don't care too much for him*

moving on I sort of fixed up the trailers that I had laying around upstairs..I did a quick fix on them and put them in the store as American horror story circus trailers..they need more work and since Im there mostly Sundays I can focus on doing a little bit more to them..better than having them sit around up stairs gathering dust.  some people think they're cute ..theyre just for display ...I don't think the circus people wanted me to finish the inside of them anyway.

and this is the roombox that I made for work, I will have to loosen up the ribbons a bit but  made the chair..the stool and the table..I also added a you can see Miss Chole fits right in (some people didn't like shark boy so I'll use Chole from now on...she doesn't this is going off to work I did this on Sat while I working on the Beach house for our Secret Santa on the 17th of this month..

yes that's right I have a beach house to finish, we have a 5 dollar limit so I think  I can finish up everything by then if I work on it a little at a time. Pintrest has some great beach houses so I go there to look at the photos.
that's about it..oh and Im still working on my Undersized project too, talk about pressure.
Merry Christmas in case I don't see you, next week we have more units coming in...what joy

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Peek a boo....Guess who! :)

Hi Guys,
Sorry I've been gone so long but Ive been working weekends and we had inventory last week...that's the joy of working in Q.C.  you have a lot on your plate and I was working with my manager!  talk about pressure ...who wants to screw up with them around.  but I haven't stopped playing with toys I found a few things like a Barbie Kitchen and a Townhouse and a Pool and a horse and a dog ..yadda yadda yadda..yea Ive got all the Barbie Ive ever wanted except for the 1980's townhouse from Toy Story 3. but Im sure I'll find it sooner or later now on to the this is the kitchen I plan on using for a display of my mini food..yea Im still going to keep up with that.

and these are two of the doll house dolls that I want so use for my dollhouse that Im building..I asked Christina if I could enter the Undersized Urbanette contest and she has allowed me to enter..thank my lucky stars!!..I like Shark boy because hes fully jointed, but I think Chole is very pretty I just have to fix her hair (cause I do that with all the barbies,brats, monster high and liv dolls that I have...yea I have a ton of em too..Im one doll away from an episode of Horders)
 and this is what I've been upto while Ive been working...I go shopping at the thrift stores/flea markets, yard sales...ect..I have to entire back end of the store to fill with toys...see that red car..I saw a guy trying to jump start a toy hummer and I gave  him a card to the store in case he wanted to sell it..well he talked to Rich about it then he changed his mind so he sold this little BMW to Rich for a song..the kids love it but it hasn't sold yet. (Ive been told that kids *or adults* who go into this type of business realize quite early that everything is for sale and if you want something you need to speak up or it's me Rich has sold a lot of things that I wanted right out from under me)

 so that's it, like I said Im in the UndersiZed urbanette contest so I need to get started on my house (my San Franciscan is gone...Rich sold it to his sister and volunteered me to put it together for her in the price..but it's for her new grandbaby Lana *only they spell lana in a weird least it's a normal name*

I'll have to post my frequently now that Im in the contest so keep an eye out for me


I love this song, it reminds me of Baxter and Jack and Lady..we .lost jack and lady this year...but I will see them again.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Me and the Doobie Brothers

Hi Guys,
I thought I would share with you the list of houses I have found, this first one is a Fisher Price Happy Family's missing one side but it's pretty nice on the inside

I even included the beetle that I found and a little doll that fits in the car and the house (I didn't want the VW..once you have a Barbie VW the rest just don't measure up)
 and this is a Calico Critters Dollhouse (this thing costs 70 bucks on amazon , my friend at work is going to buy it for her daughters birthday in Aug even though it's missing the railings and the staircase *which you can buy on ebay*...I think it still works if you get the lights and the furniture..Im lucky I didn't bash this like I wanted too) 
 and this is the fire house ..another fisher price product..but I don't have the firemen for it

this  is a sweet street vitorian, I should open it up so you can see the inside it's wonderful but no furniture for it can buy the family and furniture on Amazon..very expensive
 this little treehouse cottage is expensive too, I priced it on Amazon and it's around 50 dollars..I was shocked but it's a princess tree house the back opens up..very cute
 this is the Weeble Circus, I got this because I liked weebles (you'd have to be born in the 70's or early 80's to get what Im talking about..can you dig what Im layin down Bro?  ..just kidding you jive turkey)
 this is my prize, my fantasy, my second store bought dollhouse. I got this for 50 from another vender who had it for a few years..their uncle had bought it and never opened it so they sold it..I saw it and I made Richard save it for me..he was going to talk them down but I couldn't wait so he paid the asking price.  I don't know where I will put it or when I will work on it but it's mine...Mine I tell you..oh sorry I got carried away with the Happy!
so that's it for now...I should probably do a post when I open the box and get started on this fabulous house..Im so giddy right now I can't stand it


Ya know I remember when this album came out, I was living in the valley ..yadda yadda blah blah getting to the point..I was out partying and some guy was hitting on me and for some reason I told him I was looking for real love ...I didn't know the girl was a hooker..who sings songs around hookers??  apparently tons of guys the guy thought I was a working girl..I was offended...we both got thrown out of the bar and then I sort of went out with him for coffee..then I raced back home with my friends and snuck into my bedroom..that's the story