Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Molly,......... You in danger girl!

Hi Guys,
LTNS but I've been busy working, I pushed the trailers to the side and built Rapunzels Tower, I scored some old Disney Princess dolls that needed some love so Im working on fairytale backdrops for them. it sort of helps me ease back into the here is the tower I hope you like it.

 and this is the Disney Princess doll that I got at the thrift store..her hair was a god aweful mess (no wonder they gave her away..but a couple of boil perms and she's right as rain, her paint job looks ok but I dont have the correct dress for her...I dont think her new owner will mind)

so now that her tower is finished (it's not going to fit her it's just supposed to be behind the doll..Im going to make an easel and some paints for her so the scene will be of her painting and the tower will be in the background as you can see Rich has is the store already...the feed back has been pretty positive and Im sorry I havent been able to comment, my computer had a virus...I spent 4 hours with tech support today getting back on track (I was avoiding this for a few weeks because it's always a nightmare to get tech support)  thank you guys for responding and I will repond to all posts :) I'll show you more when Miss R is finished and  up at the store



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