Thursday, February 20, 2020

I hate that dang Groundhog

Hi guys

we have 6 more weeks of winter and Im bored out of my mind. I took Rich some lunch and got a space in front of the bank...that never happens here usually its busy but not today
I I made a few plants out of old envelopes just to see if I could do it

turns out I can do it, don't look too close this is just going to be used as display in the toy room I have a Barbie wedding to put together up there

and since we have a little guy I didn't want to use things that may hurt him if he put something in his mouth or grabbed it off the shelf so I used paper glue and dry erase markers *little kids make you paranoid, I saw a tide pods commercial on tv..after that I put all the soap up on a higher shelf*
when I remake the spider plant and the snake plant I'll do a better job but like I said this is just to fill up the Barbie wedding set.
just to give you an idea of the size I put in a supergirl doll that we have for sale, Ive had burn out so I took a while to finish up my superman phone booth
  but in my defense Ive been fighting the against the man.
anger doesn't work if you want to be creative so Im calming down..I'll get around to the phone booth and post that later

 if you do want to make plants it will take some time to do it right but if you just need some green stuff to fill up a space hit up youtube and do some blog searches cause if I can do it so can you

till next month

Hugs and Love


  1. Wow... parking directly before the bank… lucky you! ;O) I'm with you when it comes to winter, over here we're drowning in rain. But it's nice to see you preparing a wedding… although it's "just" for Barbies. I have no doubt they will appreciate your green decoration.


  2. Sadly winter is hanging around a whole lot longer here in Western Canada too, although some of the bulbs are blooming despite the deep morning chill!
    But isn't it Marvellous that even when it's bitter cold outside that you can grow a green mini garden and that you're able to 'control the weather' so that Barbie can have an 'outdoor' wedding?
    The variety of healthy mini plants you've made, are a testament to your green thumbs Marisa, so keep up your Great Work!
    You've not only inspired me to try my hand at making some mini plants but re-plugged BIG HAIR and the Harper Valley PTA into my head, along with it! :D