Saturday, November 26, 2016

I was going to color my hair but...

I decided to make this little Diorama instead,

Hi Guys 

I found this little Cheez - it Nascar at the thrift store ..the back wheels are missing so I'd been sitting on it for a while until I was looking online and found out that they do burn outs on the track. that was all the inspiration I needed to mock this up the poles for the fence are drinking straws, the fence is from an onion bag, the concrete barrier is cardboard and computer paper. 

I got the idea of distressing it from Elizabeth who did a stairway in her dollhouse, it's really easy to do and the paper in the fence is just glue that I let dry and paint white. you see that if you go to a real nascar race.   

 so this is what it looks like at the store, Rich has a booth full of nothing but car,truck, spaceship models so this will fit right in.
 not to leave you hanging but this is the G.I Joe Barracks that Im making for my Joes, on youtube there is a tutorial on my froggystuff that shows how to make it out of cereal boxes which works for me..I need to display it on the store shelf and I dont have a lot of space.

so that's it for now..I'll show you how the barracks turn out..I work 6 days a week so it may be a while

Merry Christmas if I dont see you


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