Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sharkboy has a family??

 Hi Everyone and Happy Halloween!

I was working on the Bates Mansion between classes, Yes Im going to school now but it's not all Sunshine and Lolly Pops.  You Remember Sharkboy right?  I used him to measure the scale of my other houses/cabins..ect (some of you didnt like his face covering so I had to fix it)  well it looks like He's had a family (actually they are dolls that I found at the store that havnt sold.  I kept looking at them and I finally realized they were the same scale as Sharkboy....Taaa Daaa..instant family.  (how many men has that happened too.use protection boys..thats all Im sayin)

Anyway here's the family on a quick trip to a Christmas Display (thats Melissa and Doug stuff that I got from a vendor dirt cheap)  notice how the entire family is in scale ...sorry if it's blurry I was shooting by hand I just got my camera ready with new batteries

 and here is the family in front of the Bates Mansion...I know the rails are crooked Im still working on it ..they even have a dog and cat..I had to paint hair on the baby I was going for blonde but it turned red so I just left it alone

 so thats it, I just have to finish up the siding and use the mixture on it (Joint compound and glue..50/50 mix) that should sturdy it up a bit..and then comes the windows..doors.second floor..Im not going to finish up the interior thats not what Im doing with these houses and I have to go back and repair the Meyers house some child went  and grabbed the rails off it.  ..oh well

Happy Halloween


PS..Supernatural is ending...better try to catch up before it's gone..(Dean is my Favorite) 


  1. Haha, thanks for giving me a good laugh... very interesting to learn how Sharkboy came to his family. And the house looks stunning... very spooky and saying "Don't you dare to come closer!" ;O)

    Happy Halloween and hugs

  2. Hi Maria! The Halloween Mansions are looking fantastic! I hope you had a great Halloween! :)