Friday, April 10, 2015

Attack of the Bee Girls

Hi Guys,
I Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, it's Friday and it's raining like mad here but it's supposed to be sunny this weekend. as you can see I've been scouring the second hand stores..I picked up this great house for 10 dollars, it reminds me of one of those southern california tract homes...sort of like a Macmansion wannabe...the poor thing needs some love and a bit of work..she's half scale.  Ive never worked on half scale before know me I lived in barbie scale and dabble in 1/12 ...nothing smaller than that..but this house spoke to me so I scooped her up :)
as you can see she needs some railing on her porch and some sliding doors for her patio, that's pretty easy they say on rehab addict..put in the work!  (where the heck is Casey when you need her?)
 and the fireplace could use some love *no one is going to buy it with this big hole in the back for batteries..looks like this house was wired for electric furniture but with all the things missing....she was destined for the trash ..good thing I came along..I'll fix her up as best I can..
any ideas for the railing would be appreciated :)
 and this is a 1960's Tammy doll..shes missing her shoes but thats an easy fix and she's had a boil perm to fix her hair..she looks like shes ready to party Im debating if I should keep her ..that's the problem when you do find dolls that you want keep but shouldnt..right now Im sitting on about 10 barbies that I need to repair..4 G.I. joes that need a little TLC and guns (seriously guys only buy GI Joes if they have guns with them..really guys..project much ..but to be fair women buy barbies for their shoes, clothes and cute hair right?) 

and this is the final showing of Rapunzel, her tower and her paint set...she does get a lot of interest and someone is always touching her trying to take her off the stand *sigh*  guess mom didn't teach them to look with their eyes

so that's about it..Im going to work in a few min's..Im working 3 to 11 now and them working at the strore on the coworker Jenn turned me on to b12's *calm down it's a vitamin you can get it at any drug store*  it helps a lot cause Im dog tired when I get's another tip if you are on your feet for 8 hours..get some insoles they really work


Marisa :)

she reminds me of a Liv Doll..speaking of Liv Dolls I have two now and I love that's 2 monster high dolls 4 Barbie fashionista dolls 4 brats dolls 4 G.I Joes *I used to have 8 but 4 are at the store without guns..Im still debating with myself if I should make them*..have a great week :) oh and Im starting to like's pretty cool

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