Wednesday, August 26, 2020

One and Done

 Thats what I used to do, but I was angry this time so I decided to work on four houses at the same time...Take a look at how that went.

so three of them are finished and up in the haunted room....that was fun and now Rich has his dining room table back,  im on the fence about the Bates doesn't look like it should and Im not sure I want to finish it or correct it..I know that Rich will sell it if someone comes in and wants to buy it.  Thats sort of ok you cant keep everything..even though my favorite is the meyers house. i used to dream about making I have I think it turned out great. ( I do well on abandoned houses that used to be the home of serial killers or gateways to hell) :) 

thats it for now, Im heading back to school tomorrow  so I'll have to put crafting aside for a while




  1. Good Grief Marisa!
    Four abandoned worked on simultaneously and 3 of them now on display- YOU have impressed and amazed me by your creativity and your self-motivation! Bravo!!!

  2. thanks, I was working on them every spare min I had but working in this heat was murder on me and Lilly she just laide out on the kitchen floor watching me. I was tempted to do that too but Rich wouldnt like it. He already gives me the side eye for a few things i do

  3. You are incredible - four houses at the same time!!! And three of them already done and the fourth as good as finished... wow... that's what I'd call a good flow! And I really like the Haunted Room... do you have a sign "Enter at your own risk"?! *LOL*