Monday, May 12, 2014

Please Celebrate a life with me, thank you

Good Morning and thank you for reading this, I need to let everyone know why I posted this.  it's because Baxter was hit by a car on Saturday Evening and it is my fault. 

I know that you dont let your Cat's go outside if you love them but He was Whining so much and I just needed a few minutes to take a shower or something..I dont remember exactly what I needed to do but I thought he would be ok since he just goes under the porch.

I was wrong..I was so wrong ..something lead him across the street and some jerk kid was raceing around in his souped up Mustang or truck Im not sure but I heard them doing it and I stupid of them to do that.

I never thought in a million years that it would be Baxter who they hit without stopping.  So after I did what I had to do I went to call him so I could lock the back door....I called and called but there was no answer , I looked behind the studio but there was no Baxter.

Then I noticed something funny..Claudette was by the fence but she wouldnt come in and that's when I sort of knew that something was wrong but I didn't want to go to the front of the house.

that's where I found him, it was a few feet from where I found him as a baby, he wasn't cold so it had just happened, I thought of revenge, hate, rage, anger all kinds of things and now Im just numb..Baxter wouldn't have wanted me to feel those things He wanted me to be happy, He liked to make me laugh so that's what I will do I'll be happy for him and I will laugh

Please laugh with me and be happy today, if you can... please post things that will make you happy in your responses to that I can be Happy too

this isn't Good Bye Baxter, if Heaven is for real I will see you at the Church when my time comes and we will laugh together..I love you

Be Happy


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