Friday, April 28, 2017

its the end of the month again!!

Hi Guys,

Time has flown by again but this time it hasnt caught me flat footed, Ive been working on my soap bottle washing machines but they aren't finished yet I'll give you a sneak peak at what Ive done.

Ive actually got 4 bottles ready for washing machine scenes but only two have the washing machines in them. again I didn't use photos to base my machines on but the bottom one I got the idea from pintrest, I really should have used kris from one in minis cause  
she did a great tutorial on how to make a washer for your dollhouse. but I had already made this one and Im not going to toss out a perfectly good washer (with clothes and ironing board no one will notice the feet are wonky ...I hope)

so thats it for now I will post them when I finish...for some reason I have the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Farmhouse stuck in my brain and I want to build it...crazy huh..

oh well we'll see what happens.

Happy Next Month??

Love Marisa

dont you just love Reba 



  1. It is a beautiful project well begun.
    Good suite and good month of May

  2. Hi Marisa!
    Your wash day vignettes are such a cute idea, and I am going to watch to see how you finish your washing machines. Trying to get an enamel finish on card stock is always challenging because the paper soaks up the paint so make sure that you first seal it well.


    1. im going to, I cheat and use spray point glossy then a clear coat to top it off...lets see what happens

  3. Seguro que lo terminarás rápido te veo muy motivada,lo más difícil es comenzar. Ya tienes la estructura y el suelo te ha quedado genial, ahora a por los demás elementos. Feliz fin de semana:-)

    1. thank you, I do have most of it down I just need to finish up the washers, I know most of the women who come into the store like old ones so Im going to make two of them for the other bottles.

  4. You've been very busy... these are for sure fun projects.


  5. I love the idea of having mini scenes hidden away in everyday objects. Great idea :0)