Saturday, October 29, 2016

All the G.I. Joe's

Happy October Everyone!

I've been very busy this month, my Father in law passed away and Lilly was diagnosed with heart worm disease..the woman at the vets office wasnt sure that I would keep her and follow the heart worm disease regime but I assured her that I was up to the task. 

Every day she gets two doses of medicine and every month I give her one heart worm chew then she needs to go to the vets for a shot in her spine and they keep her overnight. I browsed the web for the proceedure and was shocked at what I found.  but the nice lady at the vet assured me that it wouldnt be as bad as the web described it plus Lilly is a very young dog.

so that's what Ive been up too, I worked on a G.I joe coffee shop (cause I need to get rid of some dolls I have two christmas boxes full and I really need to cut down on my hoard)  here are the photos

I made the chairs out of wire and the tables are card stock, the building is a box that I covered with paper.  I watched a video on youtube on how to do's pretty next one will probbly be an office or barrack for the G.I. joes (did I mention that I have a lot of dolls?)  when I dive into something I go deep. I'll probably wind up doing something for the Barbies...they need something to liven up their area.  (plus if you just put up some dolls people just cruise on by without looking (but their kids do they spend a lot of time in the toy room)

so thats about it for now..I'll show you how it looks with the G.I. Joe's and that line in the title is from a Stephen King Movie..the book was good but the movie was terrible.
I couldnt watch the Tv show either  but feel free to check out the Tommyknockers yourself
Happy Halloween!

Marisa :)

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