Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom Jones and Me

for those of you going back to school, (thanks a bunch for making me late for could hurry up a bit getting into the school bus ya know)  anways...

you know Cooper right, here he is playing with his football having a good time
 and this is Lilly..sometimes I call her Lulu ...she answers to anything ..she is supposed to be a beagle but she is a doxie...a long haired one too..I've been fooled by a pet rescuer and now I have a designer dog.  she's going to fit in nicely here in Sugarcreek when the ohio swiss festival comes around.
 so moving on I made a Beach Cottage again, this time in White....poke the photo's to make them bigger.

 it took me a while to finish up everything because Im working 10 - 5 now.  I've had to get adjusted to waking up at 6:30 so I can take Lilly out to potty.  she's a very silly dog but very loving...which reminds me of Baxter he used to love to get in my face too. 
this is my luke Skywalker Ken Doll, I made his outfit and put him with all the star wars stuff that we have at the store (I gotta start moving some dolls I have 4 boxes full of them) no more dolls for me ...I only got started on them because someone *you know who you are* showed a pullip doll and that was it...I fell into the doll world hook line and sinker (actually it didn't take much to push me in I already had the barbie fixation going on from when I was a tween) 

so that's it for now..Im working on another project this time it's bitter 1/6th scale

see you later


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