Monday, November 14, 2016

I drive by her house with my radio turned up loud

Hi, Guys, 
yea I have to admit that it's me driving by this womans house who was mean to me. I was going a way I hadn't gone before because of road work and who did I see in the yard...HER!! so now that I know where she lives I drive by in the morning on my way to work blaring my radio but I dont do it everyday..that would be mean :) 

 I bought this Elsa doll a few weeks ago and she had black marker all over her face and orange marker around her hair line and on her ears.  I went on line to see what I could do about it and this one post said to use peroxide pimple cream..but it was for ink pen stains!  I figure what did I have to loose I got her for less than $0.50 in a bag of three dolls (I said I wasn't going to buy anymore but for $.50 I couldnt pass it up)  

 I found this clearasil in the bathroom behind the other stuff we had in there and I gave it a took a week of leaving her in the sun but her face is clear and the stains are gone (or less noticable..I can still see a slight discoloration but it's not bad)  so thats my tip of the day. 

and below are the finished G. I. Joe scenes I made a wrecked building and a pier check them out

 I also picked up a scooter but it's too big for the Joes, but it fits a modern Holly Hobby doll and I have a Lizzie doll from Tinkerbell that can sit on it with the Holly Hobby Doll..I just had to make the seat for them to sit on
so that's what Ive been up too..Im going to work on my trailers next. they need to be finished up



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