Monday, August 8, 2016

The dog days of Summer are finally here

Hey Guys,
I finally made another barn for the toy room, this one is red and I do have some farm animals to put inside.  I used a breyer horse just to show you the scale sorry if the photo is a bit blurry I was trying to hold on to Cooper..he just yanks me everywhere he wants to go and he didnt want to wait for me to take photos. and no the farm animals are not that big they are smaller than the breyer horse so they fit perfectly.

..we got a new dog..a rescue named Lilly,  Im excited too..she was almost run over by a trucker who brought her home, they found out she was going to have puppies and they took care of her until she delivered..9 weeks later most of the puppies have gone to forever  homes but Lilly still needed a home.  that's were I came in...I was a little upset about Honey and my friendly banker told me I needed something to make me happy so he suggested a new puppy...I wasnt going for it

than I talked to the lady who had Lilly...she realized I needed an older dog so the suggested that I take Lilly when the pups were ready...that's how she came to me.  she's perfect and she loves to snuggle and so do I :)

Have a wonderful summer..


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