Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey You Guys!! I've been gone awhile

Ive been gone for a while, what happened was...I got laid off...I got transferred so they didn't have to pay me for the lay off they just transfered me to another place...I was in training for 5 months and now I have another job.  on top of that two of my dogs passsed away I lost Ladybug and Honey, the truck had to have some work done.  yea that about covers to keep busy I started working on my police box (it's barbie scale) I dont know if you can call it a Tardis without the BBC coming after you (see what I did there..very slick of me isn't it.)

so that's about it, this is on display at the store (the store where I have an entire toy room to myself)  and I have a Doctorwho doll in the works for it (ya know you dont have to sew if you dont want too...they have menders tape and glue...makes my life very easy)

I've missed you guys but I've been posting to your Blogs when I I have time again so I can post more often..stay tuned I have another project in the works


PS they put the Doctor who show on hiatus because the new guy totally ruined it..why would you mess up something that works..just get a guy who looks like David Tennant put in a few girls ...Boom goes the dynamite..but no.  you had to screw it up...ah well..I still have my DVD's of the series to keep me warm.

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