Monday, February 8, 2016

I've got an hour till closing time

Hi Guys,
this is the beach house I made for the xmas give away at work, I liked the idea so much that I made my own swinging 60's beach house for the undersized urbanite contest.  I finished it up today because work has been crazy. .

as you can see I pretty much stayed with the concept but I chaned the roof a little bit..I didn't like the white one and I painted it yellow but for some reason the flash washed out the yellow all you can see at streaks...that's ok..sun damaged works too
 this is sort of what the beach pads looked like in the Frankie and Annette Movies, only they had darker chairs..Im not painting that one I got it as Lisa's give away ...I might need it for something else
 you can see that it's up on posts, because it floods when the tide comes in...
 I couldn't find a lot of sixtys stuff..I did luck out and find some photos that I printed off and I had the bed and dresser from a kit I got from the store..(Rich doesn't know I took this dont tell him)

it's supposed to look a little dumpy, like a crash pad ..I think it's ok for a 60's beach crash pad..too bad I dont have a honda motorcycle...

so that's it..I have to run over to UU and post this there

wish me luck and dont forget to vote



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