Sunday, December 6, 2015

We got a Puppy :)

Hi Guys
Say Hello to D.B. ..he's 5 months old and hes in love with Richard...I think I told you we lost Jack and Lady..they both passed away during the same month.  Rich was devastated when he lost Jack ..I was really sad about Lady but I had to put her down..she was in pain and I loved her too much to let her go though that.  D.B here needed a home..the girl who had him wasn't taking care of him and he deserved to be loved so now he's with us and we love him *though Honey and the cats don't care too much for him*

moving on I sort of fixed up the trailers that I had laying around upstairs..I did a quick fix on them and put them in the store as American horror story circus trailers..they need more work and since Im there mostly Sundays I can focus on doing a little bit more to them..better than having them sit around up stairs gathering dust.  some people think they're cute ..theyre just for display ...I don't think the circus people wanted me to finish the inside of them anyway.

and this is the roombox that I made for work, I will have to loosen up the ribbons a bit but  made the chair..the stool and the table..I also added a you can see Miss Chole fits right in (some people didn't like shark boy so I'll use Chole from now on...she doesn't this is going off to work I did this on Sat while I working on the Beach house for our Secret Santa on the 17th of this month..

yes that's right I have a beach house to finish, we have a 5 dollar limit so I think  I can finish up everything by then if I work on it a little at a time. Pintrest has some great beach houses so I go there to look at the photos.
that's about it..oh and Im still working on my Undersized project too, talk about pressure.
Merry Christmas in case I don't see you, next week we have more units coming in...what joy

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