Sunday, November 8, 2015

Peek a boo....Guess who! :)

Hi Guys,
Sorry I've been gone so long but Ive been working weekends and we had inventory last week...that's the joy of working in Q.C.  you have a lot on your plate and I was working with my manager!  talk about pressure ...who wants to screw up with them around.  but I haven't stopped playing with toys I found a few things like a Barbie Kitchen and a Townhouse and a Pool and a horse and a dog ..yadda yadda yadda..yea Ive got all the Barbie Ive ever wanted except for the 1980's townhouse from Toy Story 3. but Im sure I'll find it sooner or later now on to the this is the kitchen I plan on using for a display of my mini food..yea Im still going to keep up with that.

and these are two of the doll house dolls that I want so use for my dollhouse that Im building..I asked Christina if I could enter the Undersized Urbanette contest and she has allowed me to enter..thank my lucky stars!!..I like Shark boy because hes fully jointed, but I think Chole is very pretty I just have to fix her hair (cause I do that with all the barbies,brats, monster high and liv dolls that I have...yea I have a ton of em too..Im one doll away from an episode of Horders)
 and this is what I've been upto while Ive been working...I go shopping at the thrift stores/flea markets, yard sales...ect..I have to entire back end of the store to fill with toys...see that red car..I saw a guy trying to jump start a toy hummer and I gave  him a card to the store in case he wanted to sell it..well he talked to Rich about it then he changed his mind so he sold this little BMW to Rich for a song..the kids love it but it hasn't sold yet. (Ive been told that kids *or adults* who go into this type of business realize quite early that everything is for sale and if you want something you need to speak up or it's me Rich has sold a lot of things that I wanted right out from under me)

 so that's it, like I said Im in the UndersiZed urbanette contest so I need to get started on my house (my San Franciscan is gone...Rich sold it to his sister and volunteered me to put it together for her in the price..but it's for her new grandbaby Lana *only they spell lana in a weird least it's a normal name*

I'll have to post my frequently now that Im in the contest so keep an eye out for me


I love this song, it reminds me of Baxter and Jack and Lady..we .lost jack and lady this year...but I will see them again.

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