Saturday, July 11, 2015

Me and the Doobie Brothers

Hi Guys,
I thought I would share with you the list of houses I have found, this first one is a Fisher Price Happy Family's missing one side but it's pretty nice on the inside

I even included the beetle that I found and a little doll that fits in the car and the house (I didn't want the VW..once you have a Barbie VW the rest just don't measure up)
 and this is a Calico Critters Dollhouse (this thing costs 70 bucks on amazon , my friend at work is going to buy it for her daughters birthday in Aug even though it's missing the railings and the staircase *which you can buy on ebay*...I think it still works if you get the lights and the furniture..Im lucky I didn't bash this like I wanted too) 
 and this is the fire house ..another fisher price product..but I don't have the firemen for it

this  is a sweet street vitorian, I should open it up so you can see the inside it's wonderful but no furniture for it can buy the family and furniture on Amazon..very expensive
 this little treehouse cottage is expensive too, I priced it on Amazon and it's around 50 dollars..I was shocked but it's a princess tree house the back opens up..very cute
 this is the Weeble Circus, I got this because I liked weebles (you'd have to be born in the 70's or early 80's to get what Im talking about..can you dig what Im layin down Bro?  ..just kidding you jive turkey)
 this is my prize, my fantasy, my second store bought dollhouse. I got this for 50 from another vender who had it for a few years..their uncle had bought it and never opened it so they sold it..I saw it and I made Richard save it for me..he was going to talk them down but I couldn't wait so he paid the asking price.  I don't know where I will put it or when I will work on it but it's mine...Mine I tell you..oh sorry I got carried away with the Happy!
so that's it for now...I should probably do a post when I open the box and get started on this fabulous house..Im so giddy right now I can't stand it


Ya know I remember when this album came out, I was living in the valley ..yadda yadda blah blah getting to the point..I was out partying and some guy was hitting on me and for some reason I told him I was looking for real love ...I didn't know the girl was a hooker..who sings songs around hookers??  apparently tons of guys the guy thought I was a working girl..I was offended...we both got thrown out of the bar and then I sort of went out with him for coffee..then I raced back home with my friends and snuck into my bedroom..that's the story

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