Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independance Day

Hi Everyone,

as you can see I've filled my booth up with tons of toys..first up it's a spiderman playset and a Batman playset. with tons of DVD's and CD's thrown in most of them are childrens but Rich has bought a few horror movies and some action films for the older people who frequent my booth.

 and here are my brats dolls..I hink I may have gone a little overboard on them but most of them had clothes and were only 99 cents, then I found a bag of shoes and some clothes for them...15 dolls later here we are...I wouldn't say Im a horder but it's a nice collection

as you can see I found a Breyer Girls barn its near the pink princess stove and the skates, that was a find.
and what would a toy booth be without a few cars...I couldn't pass them up but I found out the hard way that people expect to take the doll with the car so I put Barbies that I don't want in the cars. I lost a Ken doll because Rich wanted to make a sale..I got him for 99 cents but I still wanted to keep him :*(

and this is the boys section..nothing but robots, tractors, cars and I put a ballerina Barbie in that section because the one I had there before sold and I wont be featuring barbies for a few months anyway
so that's it, I did pick up a San Franciscan dollhouse( who has time to build stuff with all this selling going on?) which I'll show you later
until them be safe and sane


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