Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tales from the Crypt or how I spent my Thanksgiving

Hi Guys,
and Happy early Thanksgiving for those that celebrate that sort of thing and if you don't live in the America's have a great day.  today I want to show you what I found in one of the booths, this is a handmade woody, it's pretty cool and it's only 12.00...I might buy it for one of my dolls (Cinderella Moments has awakened my doll addiction that I thought was put to rest but apparently it's still there bubbling below the surface..I got tons of addictions but I just don't act on all of them)

I think it's pretty cool and then I found this great tin garage that would be a wonderful addition if had a tin house (I had one growing up that I had t share with my sisters (who weren't interested in it they had other toys that moved them, I remember I used to spend hours playing with my house (again another name should be in Janes addiction..get it? ..ok moving on)
it's a cute pool house/studio/garage.

so that's it from the home front, Happy Turkey day guys and I'll post more when I have more

Marisa :)

PS I finally caught up on all the episodes of Scandal and the Good wife..whoa..who says there isn't a lot of drama on night time tv :)


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