Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm not trying to be Shady..just Fierce!

Hi Guys,
it's another year and my birthday was on the 9th so I had to run and get a new drivers license with a photo, I had my hair done and was all set but the computers were down so they made me wait for 45 mins until they came back up...silly me I went outside into the snowy rain ..didnt think about it and a took a photo...I looked like a wet duck and I have to keep the photo until 2019...classic shade on the DMV's part they could have said something..anyway this is where I work..the old man next to Miss Sugarcreek is Rich...I havent shown you these photos so I thought it would be nice for you to see them

and this is my booth, yes Rich made me buy a booth to put my items in..I have photos and toys and a few other things that I found scrounging about the thrift stores looking for a blythe doll of my very own.  I haven't found one but I have found a ton of Barbies that Ive redressed and put out for sale

now this is a find, I found this Monster High doll totally dressed and fresh out of the box for only 2.00...yes 2.00 she was mixed in with some G.I. joes ...SCORE..I love her

now this little one was in the trash..she was missing some hands and clothes..I found some hands for here but they dont match...who cares she's a monster high doll..I did a boil perm on her hair because it was a tangled mess (you can watch how to do it on Youtube) 

and this lovely little Bratz kids doll was a 1.00 because she was missing her feet (I spent a few bucks on amazon buying feet for her but the clothes were way too small and fugly so I'll make her some.
 I really like her but that red lipstick really needs to be toned down a bit, I didnt boil perm her hair because I found the Monster High girls and I was busy playing with them....I think I might even build them a house..dunno yet Im still working crazy hours.
so that's what Ive been up too...well except for watching Mob Wives, Real Housewives of B.H./Atlanta/OC  theyre so funny and if you haven't noticed...low class ..Ive never seen grown women act like that but I dont hang around a bunch of women who have nothing to do..most of my friends are working to keep their heads above water..maybe thats why there isn't much drama here (there is a bit but not much)

so that's all for today..Im trying to post a bit more but you know how that goes

take care


this is what's called stealing an idea.... but notice how they changed everything to make it work without coping each other.....Picasso would be proud of them


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