Wednesday, November 12, 2014

8 days a week

Hey Guys
now that we are opened on Sunday I have no time for myself at all, but Im still working on my trailers when I get home, Im just so tired from working but that's what you do when your husband starts a new business. it's not all glam and Pandora bracelets ya know..I did find something interesting..a vender has this in her booth it looks like a tiny kitchen set

 and she also has this holly hobbie printing press (the people at holly hobbie really took that feminist manifesto to heart back in the 70's didn't they) I remember holly hobby having a lot of thing but a printing press was not one of them. I also scored some mini pots and pans that I took home and a faux Pandora bracelet (I always s wanted one..nothing says you have middle class values like a Pandora bracelet even if it is fake.) 
so that's all for now kiddies, i'll post more when I do more in the mean time Im keeping an eye out for antique mini' never know where they'll pop up

Marisa ;)


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