Monday, October 13, 2014

Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here...oh wait that's Prince

Good Evening

sorry it's been so long between posts but Im still reading all of your blogs (even though I cant comment on them..stupid work computer) Im working on the trailers and Im now working 7 days a week from Sunday to Sunday but only 5 hours on that isn't it

I've been going home and crashing because Im beat..dont see an end in site but I do have some free time so Im using it to clean the house and keep up with the laundry. and work on my dollhouse that I got from the thrift's tiny ..some people call it half scale.. I'll post photos later Im on Rich's laptop because my computer went pop (yes I know I spent 130.00 to put a new mother board on it and now it's dead as my aunt fanny)  I think I responded to Ruth and then it died ..I think I went to bed and just laid there for hours. 

so on to the photos: 

I finished one set of wheels and I have another set drying..ready to be put on to the boads for the trailer oh and a funny thing happened on Sat, I went down stairs and found Miss Skelly sitting by the front door.  I thought that was strange so I picked her up and put her back on the table

I put a few things around her to see if she would move again ..she hasn/t but
if she's gonna go all Annabelle on my I think it may be time for her to leave..she's gonna be in one of the trailers and put on perm display
I'm sorry but Im not playing Karen Black and the Fetish Doll in Trilogy of Terror, if little missy can get through all the glue that Im going to put on her I deserve to have sharp teeth and a that's about it for now..ttyl when Im not working
PS Oh I had a great Idea for the Trailers, Im going to make them carny Trailers like on American Horror Story: Freaks..dont you think that's a great idea

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