Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Ya know,
I know better, I know the troopers hang out back here to catch the tourist and I wasn't thinking. I was just happy to be off of work (more drama there than a little bit) and I wanted to see Loverboy so I was flying through the back road into Sugarcreek and BAM!  I got caught by a trooper!  I was fit to be tied and highly offended did he not know who I am?!?!?! of ourse he did he was giving one of the locals a ticket...oh well I guess I'll just pay it and move on guess how much it was..since I doing over 70 it's I didn't have my insurance card so he dinged me for that. who knew a 12 year old Cavalier could go that fast?!?.... the only good thing this last week was that I won Lisa's give away it's some pretty cute stuff see below and yes I staged it with my non finished camper.

isn't it cute, I thing I will keep this for myself and just give the camper to Rich for his store what do you think?  I know Giac doesn't like camping but they have a new thing called Glamping it's like all the comforts of home you get a nice queen size bed and a big ol should google it..camping isn't camping anymore Honey bunch it's gone Glam with glitter and everything.

so thats it and I promised I'd put in my two cents about this copy right stuff so here goes..Im going to rip off everyone and you should too but here is the difference..when I rip you off Im going to go my own way and change it to my own thing *when I was in High School theater we would have problems with other schools doing the same plays that we were going to do so we changed them a little bit..if they were doing classic Romeo and Juliet we changed ours to a comedy and filled the seats, if they did a comedy we did a drama..there were 2 high schools what did you expect?*

so like I say dont be Beyonce..she steals but she doesnt change the routine to make it her own..she's an idiot with a short career span....Look at Pride and's been remade about 25 times and it's never the same movie the last one I saw they had people peeing in the street for realism and some man was pooping in a hallway the other 24 movies didnt have that.  but it was still a copy wasn't it

if you want to copy a cool house go for it but change it up so the owner doesn't get offended..I mean seriously three flower pots on your front steps too?  Honey no!  you gonna mess around and upset someone and they'll be outside your door wearing a beret and smoking a french ciggie waiting for you and when you pass by BLAMMO she's cold cocked you with a dont have time for that.  now I have to go and get Dinner know I love you so be good!

I'll have to post more often from home because they changed the comps at work, I can read blogs but I can't post on them ..its probably a good thing since that little door in my head is wide opened *my mother would be shocked, I am no longer a gentle a brazen one's probbly cause of the change I'll switch back sooner or later*

see you when I finish the camper (I forgot to tell you about being Id thefted, they tried to run up my credit card balance...hehehe..they got nothing cause I ran it before them..suckers)

I hope I didn't offend anyone and if you see a woman in a beret hanging around your house dont go outside..I wouldn't




  1. Hahahhahaha! You made me laugh out LOUD!! *wiping tears off face*
    Thanks for warning :)
    Sorry you got a ticket, it is always a ridiculous amount.
    I agree on most of what you wrote but now I need a rest *grinnnn*
    and you're right, you should do more postings from home, it becomes you.
    :D Have a great week,
    I hope what I wrote above is a sort of English that can be understood ahaha heck it is 6 in the morning over here, been up all night

  2. Hey Marisa
    Love your proves from Lisa's give away, they really cool next to your "Glamper"!!
    Gutted about your ticket. It happens to us all at some point.
    I haven't got too involved with the whole copy right argument. I can see how people get offended (I've hade my work blatantly copied), but I too have used ideas from other people (but tried to put a twist in them). I agree with your theory and to be honest it's the first time I've read something that kind of says what's in my own head. We all copy something or someone, just don't do a faithful reconstruction! THAT'S the hurtful part. We put our hearts and souls into these mini projects, not to mention a lot of thought. It's when someone else passes your heart and soul off as their own that it hurts and gets personal. Of course there will be similarities but replicas are as good as forgeries!
    Ooo! That's the first time I've spoken about it and probably my last, but it feels good making sense of it all. I guess your straight talking switched a light on lol

  3. Hello Marisa,
    Sorry about the ticket! Thank goodness for the giveaway! It really is lovely. Sorry, I checked out gamping and it's not gonna happen! No me gusta!
    I get a LOT of inspiration from other projects and buildings but I never copy. I think it shows a severe lack of imagination and creativity!
    Big hug,

  4. Marissa, I love your blog, you make miniatures both fun and hip. I haven't followed this copyright issue very closely, but I am dismayed at how much friction it seems to be causing. Are miniaturists, who copy real life into small replicas, really fighting over alleged copyright infringement?

    Ideas are not protected by copyright unless they are original, novel AND put in a fixed medium. Even when someone truly believes he/she has an original, novel idea, the reality is someone probably came up with the same idea already. George Harrison learned this the hard way with "My Sweet Lord," he truly did not remember hearing the identical "He's So Fine."

    You stated it correctly, Marissa, don't offend by plagiarizing, stay creative, and, for the sake of all miniaturists, don't claim copyright infringement when none exists. If you make a living from creating miniatures, learn the copyright law before Walt Disney sues you, and if you create miniatures as a hobby, learn how you are protected from claims of infringement through the Fair Use Doctrine of the Copyright Act, Most importantly, have fun.

  5. Hilarious, Marisa! I have to agree with you on the copying--make it your own! Great prizes from Lisa--congrats on your winning streak starting up again! The camper looks great--I hope you keep it! xo Jennifer

  6. Oh no, Marisa! The trooper definitely did not know who you I'm sorry that happened. But I am happy that you like everything. Thanks again for following my blog and entering the giveaway. I want to see more of that camper ;-)

  7. Thank God for mini would NEVER get a ticket there...unless you really wanted one!

  8. There are days when you wished you would have stayed in bed... so good Lisa's wonderful giveaway prices arrived just in time to cheer you up!


  9. You got a speeding ticket! I've never actually got one, the one time I was stopped I was 19 and cried (the tears were real) so I got out of it. I've gotten other tickets though, they really suck donkeys! Congrats on winning Lisa's giveaway! I'm still working on your swap stuff, I should be able to get it to you in a few weeks.
    Love the camper!

  10. Congrats on your fantastic win. I love the chair. I hope you have a better week lol.
    Hugs Maria

  11. A ticket, I was thinking it was a ticket to a concert or something fun, I could not get the first part at all =) Read it several times before I got it =) I think I'm really tired right now and should go to sleep =)
    Sorry you got the bad kinda ticket.. But then you got lucky winning Lisas wonderful giveaway =) I guess the world need some balance ;)
    Drive careful and keep copying your own way =)

  12. Sorry about the ticket. I'm not even gonna start about that. LOL! Been there, done that. :(
    Your winnings are so cute! The doggy is adorable!
    The copyright is such a ridiculous thing. I love sharing everything. I've had 2 people copy my work exactly and try to sell it as me! Had another woman use my photos! How dumb can she be!! But everyone else including you a
    has been so kind and sweet. You even linked my site. So sweet! :) You can steal my stuff anytime. LOL!
    Have a great weekend. And stop giving money to the state troopers. They don't know what to do with it anyways.

  13. It is so exciting and fun projects you have made here in the past. I love your camper. Now I want to see what it looks like inside.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  14. You are awesome my beastie to the south and I'm sorry I've gone so long without commenting on your glorious blog. I sent you an email. If you didn't get it it was because I was attempting to do a gagillion things at once :) Miss you! Love you!