Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Ya know,
I know better, I know the troopers hang out back here to catch the tourist and I wasn't thinking. I was just happy to be off of work (more drama there than a little bit) and I wanted to see Loverboy so I was flying through the back road into Sugarcreek and BAM!  I got caught by a trooper!  I was fit to be tied and highly offended did he not know who I am?!?!?! of ourse he did he was giving one of the locals a ticket...oh well I guess I'll just pay it and move on guess how much it was..since I doing over 70 it's I didn't have my insurance card so he dinged me for that. who knew a 12 year old Cavalier could go that fast?!?.... the only good thing this last week was that I won Lisa's give away it's some pretty cute stuff see below and yes I staged it with my non finished camper.

isn't it cute, I thing I will keep this for myself and just give the camper to Rich for his store what do you think?  I know Giac doesn't like camping but they have a new thing called Glamping it's like all the comforts of home you get a nice queen size bed and a big ol should google it..camping isn't camping anymore Honey bunch it's gone Glam with glitter and everything.

so thats it and I promised I'd put in my two cents about this copy right stuff so here goes..Im going to rip off everyone and you should too but here is the difference..when I rip you off Im going to go my own way and change it to my own thing *when I was in High School theater we would have problems with other schools doing the same plays that we were going to do so we changed them a little bit..if they were doing classic Romeo and Juliet we changed ours to a comedy and filled the seats, if they did a comedy we did a drama..there were 2 high schools what did you expect?*

so like I say dont be Beyonce..she steals but she doesnt change the routine to make it her own..she's an idiot with a short career span....Look at Pride and's been remade about 25 times and it's never the same movie the last one I saw they had people peeing in the street for realism and some man was pooping in a hallway the other 24 movies didnt have that.  but it was still a copy wasn't it

if you want to copy a cool house go for it but change it up so the owner doesn't get offended..I mean seriously three flower pots on your front steps too?  Honey no!  you gonna mess around and upset someone and they'll be outside your door wearing a beret and smoking a french ciggie waiting for you and when you pass by BLAMMO she's cold cocked you with a dont have time for that.  now I have to go and get Dinner know I love you so be good!

I'll have to post more often from home because they changed the comps at work, I can read blogs but I can't post on them ..its probably a good thing since that little door in my head is wide opened *my mother would be shocked, I am no longer a gentle a brazen one's probbly cause of the change I'll switch back sooner or later*

see you when I finish the camper (I forgot to tell you about being Id thefted, they tried to run up my credit card balance...hehehe..they got nothing cause I ran it before them..suckers)

I hope I didn't offend anyone and if you see a woman in a beret hanging around your house dont go outside..I wouldn't



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