Wednesday, July 16, 2014

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

Good Morning, Happy Weds

As you can see I finished the pole barn, I scaled it to the cow which I thought was 1:12 scale ..silly me the importers from China have a different 1:12 scale so the pole barn is smaller than it should be but the cow fits it the only problem is that the inside is scaled wrong. the rooster looks huge next to the zebra cow but it's the correct scale. hopefully if I dont put them together no one will notice the difference but you guys will know cause I just told you
 I toned down the white a bit with some brown watered down paint, it looks like it just came through a rain storm but that's because I painted the roof again I made it darker and mixed in some green to make it look like a slate roof.  sometimes you have to sit back and let things soak in or you overwork a piece.

 I thought it would be nice if the doors worked but then I remembered when I was on the farm one of the doors came off the track and I had a devil of a time getting it back on so I could close the door *I was in my bathrobe wearing my muckboots so I was fit to be tied*  lucky for me the neigbor came by and helped me (he lived two football fields away ..everyone lived at least that far away from me and I loved it.)

 Im sort of happy with the upstairs and sort of not, I need hay bales but then again it's a pole barn so maybe tools?  dunno yet

 Now this goat is the correct scale and the stalls fit him perfectly I couldn't find a horse at the dollar store to fit the stalls so Im going to have to make a trip to Toys R Us (they have a wide selection of animals and they are to scale, a lot of people talk about the brand but for the life of me I can't remember the name)
and here is my barn owl it's the correct scale too (it's a name brand owl that's why) I hate that ladder I can do better but it's ok for now while I look at things and make adjustments Im happy that it's done but you know mini people we like to tweek things
so that's it, I finished my swap for Ruth so I'll show you photo's of that *yes I know sometimes they're blurry..I probably need a new camera but we just got hit with property taxes over 90% for a school levy?!?! 

moving know that cute little shelf I showed you..well it disappeared..I blamed Baxter for things like that but he's not here anymore so Im thinking it's gotta be either Pouncer or Claudette.  I've looked everywhere but I can't find it I moved the sofa's looked under the hutch looked under the bed..nothing

Im going to have to make a couple more and put it away ..why would someone move it? my money's on Claudette *now I feel bad because I used to blame Baxter for stuff he didnt do, but he did do a lot trust me on that*

Have a Wonderful Morning


I feel like dancing dont you :)


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