Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome to the Bad Girls Club

Good Morning Everyone,
I know I was supposed to work on clay this weekend but I have a number of excuses including the fact that it was so freakin hot upstairs and Rich Still hasn't given me the key to the studio so to keep busy I'll show you what I worked on but it's not's a little shelf for my Swap with Ruth this is a'll see everything once its shipped off.

 I also finished up my Pole Barn, it's got a roof on it and the outside it complete except for the trim, I need to add the stalls for the cows (I only have one cow and she's painted like a zebra..WTF? )  so I've been bad this weekend..truthfully I do my best work during the week.. but getting back to the Barn  most barns aren't painted at all..some are coated with Ferrice Oxide which turns them red, while some are painted with a mixture of vinegar and steel wool rust which turns them brown or black *if you ever go to Va. or Tenn. you'll see them, they use them for  tabbacco storage and whiskey.(it also keeps the pests away).white barns are usually for Dairy farms..they represent cleanliness..*this started back in the 30's and 40's* white paint was cheap back then

so I painted mine to look like a Dairy Barn, I was thinking about black or brown but we live in Ohio there are tons of pole barns here (also Rich said if I painted it red he could sell I painted it white :) ..hehehe) I think the roof may be a bit too light I might have to darken it we had a slate roof on our barn when I lived on the farm, I think I might have to darken it it bit tell me what you think..dont hold back (cause I dont when I go to your blog..that little person that sits in your head and says "Hey dont do that!"  I think mine is on Vacation..Im doing a lot of bad things lately..I wonder if it's from the Change? or maybe Im a bad seed..just call me Rhoda ..hehehe)

so that's it, Im working on the swap this week and I know what Im doing *or making..* ..who knew being an Evil old Biddy would be so much fun :)

have a great week


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