Monday, June 16, 2014

Helpful tips from Heloise

Good Morning Everyone,
this isnt really a helpful tip from Heloise, it's just little ol me...Im almost done with my swap I just have to make up a few food items from clay and Im stumped * I really dont know what to make..I just sit there and stare at the clay* so to motivate myself I made myself this little teacup house. (I always wanted one) 

 I might add more things to it like faux grass but for right now it's on my shelf with the Baxter (a lot of people have tons of houses on their walls and I dont have any so it's time I started my own collection)

 and this is a pumpkin redo, if you remember there is usually a halloween challege here on Blogger *you should join in, it's fun*  I redid the house from last years challenge.. I added window trim..door trim, shingles and boarded up the windows..I even added a chimney... then mod podged it to make it look like it was raining 

I even made the old tree  (if you look closely you can see that Rich put a sticker on it to sell it but it didn't sell..Im lucky he doesn't put a sticker on me) another one for my dollhouse shelf :)

yes I know I promised you a tutorial and as soon as I figure out what food to make for this swap I'll do it..I am just stumped...Ruth you'll get your swap soon..promise

that's about it for now



dont you just love Joe :)

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