Monday, May 5, 2014

Undersized Urbanite Contest 2014

Good Morning Everyone
This is my submission to the U.U. contest, so lets start left to right the chairs at the back and the roses are my win from Wyrna's give away..the cake on the pedestal and on the plate *cute* tea cups  are my win's from jennifer, the table & chairs, the Green dresser are gifts from Victoria, the rug is a printie and I had two small pictures but I cant find them..I suspect Baxter sabotaged me 

I totally forgot to put a doorknob on the door, I have it I just forgot to put it on and I know I'll get dinged for that.

 as you can see Baxter has made himself at home, he's at home with it now..I hope I it's up high enough so he can't get to it :(
 and these are before photos before I put the trim on the back, I used school glue mixed with water and paint to age it (this was my first time doing this too)

 more before shots before trim was added to the roombox
 this was when it all started to come together, before Baxter had any interest in it
so that's about it..this is my submission, I hope you like it even without the pictures

also I have news...I have a studio now..Rich has moved all his fising stuff to the store so I have the cabin (its as hot a blue blazes during the summer) I can't wait to move everything into it and show you more Baxter attacks *until he figures out how to get in..he follows me everywhere*

Marisa and Baxter :)

ok, Im finished, I added my photos (I had to make more because Baxter went all twitterpated on me and stole them..then I added some extra stuff that I had left over and I didn't like the curtains so I added a valence (sp) to the top (sort of reminds me of Judy Garland in the Harvey Girls) so Im done..I made it under the wire and Im beat..thank you for looking and if you look at the food on the plates..I made that.  so Im done

 Poor Bob...he has terrible taste in women

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