Friday, May 9, 2014

I have Promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep..really I do.. about 40 miles

Good Morning everyone
I promised to post photos of the new (to me) Studio and here it is!  I love it I my own space to put things and I dont have to work upstairs in the I can work outside in the heat (no seriously it gets really hot in there during the summer cause it's not air conditioned but there is one for it that Rich can put in for me) 

 As you can see Rich still has some of his fishing stuff there but it's going to be moving soon. I love my cute door (oh and he hasn't given me a key yet so I have to remember to get that)
 and this is the inside..he's still got his stuff in there but it's going away to his new space.
 this is what it used to look like (at least it looked like that to me)  not really though.

so that's it..even Baxter approves he was out there this morning checking out the back and making sure it was safe for me..he's so considerate (not really he was just being nosey)

Have a great weekend and if you have some spare time comon over and help me clean up (just watch out for Baxter he doesnt like people coming into his yard....just tell him I said it was ok)

Marisa and Baxter :)

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