Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The New Phone Book is here!..The New Phone Book is here! ..

Good Morning Everyone!
I went to the Mailbox this morning and I found this!  it's my American Miniaturist Magazines that I won in Felma's Give away.  Thank you Felma it's snowing here today so this will be a fun treat I can read them in bed with a hot cup of tea...err when I get home I can do that...... they sort of frown on that when you are at work.
 Next up was a book that I ordered from Amazon I think it was 4.00 not really sure because I ordered three books that were on sale Kris suggested was well worth the 4.00 price
 Now this was a bargin it was on sale for 2.00 so I snapped it up, can you tell that we dont check our mailbox regularly?  I need to check it everyday even though I live in a village there are bad people out there (but seriously why in the world would they want to rob me Im would't get  much..oh well)  this is the book that Elizabeth suggested. and last but not least

this is the book that Alicia  suggested, this was a bargin, but I forget the price... it was one of those things that when you look around Amazon a little bit you can find a deal
I also got my paint sample from Lowes that The Grandmommy posted about in her blog, I picked a pale yellow for some reason the pic wont upload ..oh that's it, I've got a lot of reading to do

have a good day and be careful of the snow

Marisa and Baxter (and Honey..she's a little ticked that she gets left off the blog)

Bye :)

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