Monday, April 14, 2014

PSST..We get Friday off!!! Yippeeeeee!

Hi Guys
We get Friday off and as you can see I've been procrastinating, I work on my Undersized Urbanette Project and then I do something else because Rich wants me to turn it into something else. dont you just hate that so I worked on the teacup house

than I worked on my english kitchen box, research on this was fun, the handle is supposed to be polished silver but I changed it, if anyone asks I have a backstory fell off the lorry and bent so instead of chucking it out with the rubbish Dad (being the handyman that he is swapped it out for some pipe he had on hand) Mum was none too pleased but she rolled her eyes and accepted it. (you'd have to say all that with a cockney accent)

Notice the faux tin ceiling and you can make out the faux brick floor..I love faux :)
 and this is my lamp's a work in progress..can you tell that just looking for things to keep me busy?

Baxter isn't impressed, He knows what Im doing and is using that guilt to focus me back to my U.U. project.

 one more thing before I go back to the U.U. project I was reading blogs and Paperdoll Miniatures  had a tutorial on how to make faux marble countertops (this is the friend you'd want to live close to you so you could  whine to her about what you can't do...she'd pat you on the head, kick you out and send you home to finish up your project..Mama dont take no mess..sorry I watched Boys in the Hood last night..Baxter didn't approve)
if you follow her just need to get some mod podge..make sure it says Gloss on it (I had a little bottle that I picked up at for you non country gals) Im loving it but I have to get back to my U.U. Project.  Baxters orders ..I mean seriously he's a slave driver :(
so that's all the news from the folks at home ..oh wait the lady across the street just had a baby girl..she named her "Alice"   I guess that's a wonderful name..I'll shut up now before I get into trouble

Marisa and Baxter

remember when Art Linkletter boycotted this song? no?  guess Im older than you :)

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