Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Urban Outfitters (or more snow and crappy weather)

Good Morning Everyone
We had more snow today, Lucky for me I didnt put away my winter clothes (right about now Im warm and toasty sitting in an open cube farm...Moooo)  life has been busy to say the least family drama/bad weather/Lay off's *I didn't tell you about that did I..we had layoffs..I lost a few people but Im doing ok..Life is like a Hotel..people check in and people check for me.. my camera is busted..I used my tablet to take these photos..they are magnets for an In / Out board here are work that I did.

the second set are printies that I cut/glued and stuck on the magnets..I like them
better..they are a little bigger than then food magnets but since Im not selling them I think it's ok to use them at work to pretty up the joint (sometimes I wish I was one of those old Broads from the 1940's Movies..but since they're all dead..maybe its a good thing Im not one of them.)
 My Blog Cabin is going to my submission to the Undersized Urbanite contest ..Ive got almost 30 days to get going on it..I have some furniture but I think it needs a bit more I got the idea from Caroline at Cinderella Moments BUT it's not going to look anything like one of her Cottages *cause that would be copying and we dont do that right Kiddies?* listening Beyonce?  you're known for that..Stop it right now! 

sorry I got a little off track..Baxter is fine..He says Meow (I bought him a bag of special food and he wont eat it but he'll eat the dog food and the adult cat food ?!?!?!)  I give what you want and I'll donate your food to the Animal Shelter there are starving Kitteah's in China that would be happy to get it..little Brat *I dont say that but I think it*

Have a Great week and  I'll be checking in Later with more updates once the snow goes away

Marisa and Baxter!

see what happens when you copy  :)  

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