Monday, March 31, 2014

Papa's got a brand new bag

Good Morning

I was busy this weekend spring cleaning but I made time to finish this mini display that Rich wanted for his shop (he says it creates interest because people look at them..
Yea..ok)   so what I did was fix the washer that Claudette broke..added a background and I really couldn't add a shelf or my iron and ironing board because the bottle was so small..I miscalculated..lesson learned..take a peek below.

so that's it..I know I promised you sneak peeks of the cabin so I'll give you a hint

Baxter is fine, he took took out the right hand section of my living room blinds so he could sit in the window and look outside (I wasn't too happy about that but I've had them ever since we lived in this house so it's time to replace them) ..thanks Baxter

that's all for now...Happy Spring Everyone :) 

Marisa and Baxter

this is springy dont cha think?   

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