Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Package, The Mayor and Cinderella.

Good Morning Everybody!
well my package came from Jennifer's give away check out all the great stuff she sent (sorry I couldn't open all of it because Baxter was around I waited until it was morning..he's not as active because hes had his kitty treat so I can get some things done while he goes off and naps somewhere)
this is the box

she sent me some flowers and cute little bottles with a real baby carriage (you can see the baby its near the tops, I was keeping an eye out for Baxter while I took the photos)

 and I got a nice card and some printies for perfume bottles, whoo hoo
now you can see the baby dolls and the printies cute

and this was the nice card she sent to made me very happy :)

oh and a little dainty...what will I do with it?  who cares I love it!!

OMG look at the little bottles, I wanna play with them but I'll have to wait and pace myself..dont wanna overdose on the Happy!

and here is the cute cake...I had to rush cause Baxter heard me giggling and woke up!

I told you he woke up, he was asleep until he heard me in the kitchen..he's gotten so big! He's like a basketball player  he likes the slap things across the floor..the first time he did it I thought it was a it was just Him

oh so back to the Cabin

I have finally fixed the warped wall, I was making it as sort of a peace offering to the Mayor (how many of you can say you know someone who has gotten into it with the town Mayor) we have bumped heads a few times over the abandoned house across the street..the towns drinking water..and a few other things..yes we've had a few hair pulling sessions..whats that got to do with cinderella ?

well when you drive into Baltic we have two cabins (supposedly from the original settlers of the town of Baltic) that tourist can come and take a look at I thought I would try to make one .. after reading Cinderella's blog I got inspired..I'll show you what I've done next week....I promise

that's all for now..have a wonderful morning and eat a good breakfast

Marisa and Baxter (who should try out for the NBA of Kitteahs)

How about some Capt to carry us Im not talking about the Rum! it's way to early for that.

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