Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get in that Kitchen and rattle those

Pots and Pans!

Remember that song? ..well if you dont then you were probably not born yet or very young (I was probably 5 or 6 during that time myself.)  what's that got to do with the price of tea in china?  nothing ..I just wanted to tease you :)

ok, ok you know why Im here this months challenge on DA is sea food..I rock when it comes to food!  I'm a foodie from way back! I don't know what a vegtable is and if you can't fry it what the heck is it good for?  (weight watchers probably has me on their hit list.)  but I'm not going to show you my food today because I havn't started yet but I have made some playscale pots and pans..take a peek:

now remember this is playscale which would be like for Barbie and yes I know you want it smaller for your dollhouse/shadowbox/roombox  so why not just ask me..I'll share..I got the idea from  Pots and Pans 
you really should take a peek though the book it has a lot of great tutorials

I made this out of a couple of coffee pods an old bottle top and a yogart container..just follow the instructions like I did only smaller (Im dying to get my hands on some of those little dairy creamers they'd make great copper pots (oh did I forget to mention that I spray painted this stuff)

 it's easy just make a bunch of these and then spray em up  (oh the handle on the roasting pan and the sauce pan is an old straw that I found on the ground, I cut off the bad part..washed it with the garden hose and cut it up for handles..Im a clever girl)

so that's it for today, I have to get started on my food for the DA seafood challenge

Marisa :)


  1. Cute idea! Can't wait to see food LOL.


  2. They look wonderful! can't wait to see what you put in them! -ara

  3. thanks Im working on it and I'll show you guys soon :)

  4. Una gran idea, te han quedado perfectos.
    besitos ascension

  5. Way back before there were a lot of miniature stores I remember taking plastic miniatures and spray painting them just like this to make them look more real.

    my miniature
    kitchen pots and pans set

  6. Wonder! Thanks for sharing, I'm waiting to see the food .... Honey has a prize for you in my blog. A big hug and a kiss emteu heart.

  7. beautiful idea!!!!! i wait to see the food inside..... Kisses!!!!!

  8. Great job! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

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