Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Good Morning Bloggers!
*if this were a classroom you'd all respond, Good Morning Mrs. Stein but since it isn't never mind!  just kidding around :) *

So on to the good stuff, I was just getting home from stopping off at the Tax place and guess what I found in my mailbox from Victoria  ?

yes that's right, MINI"S!!! 

Tons and Tons of Mini's (which I'll open and share as I work on my food stuffs) 

My eyes still tear up when I look at it, I really appreciate it! thank you so much Victoria you are really a good friend.  She sent it because of our Friend Judy 's blog where she asked her fellow bloggers to play it foreward, 

So that's what happened, it rolled my dark clouds away, Now the sun is shining in my little world.

Marisa :)