Friday, April 8, 2011

Fridays Flop of the Week!

Good Morning Blogfriends,

Last night I made cupcakes but I made my own version of them and I totally flopped which is a good thing because if I had succeeded I wouldn't have learned anything so without further adou (sp) My failure:
I'm not sure if these can be saved since I did put the color on them but boy are they flat, I think I'll just put them in the box and use them as filler when I make my bakery roombox *notice I said when :)  the idea is very appealing to me*

so thats all from this end, have a wonderful weekend *I'll be in the studio trying to fix this mess and working on other stuff* 

Marisa :)


  1. Can you put fluffy frosting on them to puff them up? We all have that pile of failures and things that just didn't work out.

    Victoria ♥

  2. I just failed at hand carving my legs for a bench. Not pleased with them but will use them. We do learn by our mistakes. God knew what he was doing, lol...