Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a hit!!! she loves it :)

Happy Tues.

ok I took the potato chip platter in after I attached a magnet to it and I left it on my friends desk at work

she loved it, she put it up on her cabinet and she said it was the cutest little thing she ever saw 

I'm stoked, someone likes my work (well besides you guys and I love you guys for loving it too)  this just makes me want to work harder and make them better

I'm happy :)

today is a good day!!

Marisa :)


  1. Hi Marisa your work is wonderful so im not at all surprised your friend liked it, I loved your giveaway prize and im so sorry i havent yet posted a picture on my blog i have been feeling a bit low again and havent gotten around to it yet but i promise i will pull my finger out and post a picture of the lovely prize i recieved from you soon again i apologise
    hugs Rachel

  2. :) You made me smile, too:)

    So thoughtful of you to share one of your creations with your co-worker! I'm happy you're happy! :)