Friday, April 29, 2011

Concord Grapes with Cheese and Crackers

Good Evening

I just made Concord Grapes with Cheese and Crackers, if you wanna know the truth this was freaking awesome to make

 but there is purple artist chalk dust everywhere Im going to have to dust and sweep up the my space (my friend who request this gave me her  chalk to use because she wanted the grapes to be really purple, my chalk is mostly pastel so it would have been lighter...I liked the test piece but she wanted darker).  Here ya go:

some are a bit blurry and I appologize for that and here is a link to the tutorial that I followed Norajeans
now she used cane for her grapes and I used regular sculpty and  chalk but you can go a different way if you want too it's all art

Grape big hugs


PS  who didn't let the dog out? He peed on the floor..

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