Wednesday, March 16, 2011

COOKIES!!! (and other goodness)

Happy Wed Everyone  :)

 I finished my mini food and made some COOKIES!!! 

I'm loving this and I'm learning about scale too (that used to be my biggest problem) I think I did a pretty good job.  No I'm not giving up on dolls I've just been very sad recently because a friend is ill.  So in Honor of her I'm going to call this little mini food division of mine "Sue's Cafe" if I make enough of these I can sell them and donate the money when we do our race for the cure  so here are the Cookies, I made oatmeal this time and next time I'm going to make chocolate chip

they turned out pretty well and I even put some scorch marks on one (hehe, Im a bad cook who eats her mistakes)

I finished up the other dishes while I was at it they are below and I really do have to put color on my plates, I dunno why I'm afraid of color but I am. (don't tell anyone, the walls of my home are quite bland)

The yellow frosting on the cake was sooo cool and set it off quite well, I'm loving this

well thats all for today



  1. Yay Marisa! you need a room box to showcase you food now, maybe a bakery.

    Victoria ❤

  2. LOL, I'm going to go know me and my grand plans :)