Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did someone say Croissants??

I made these last night while I was testing color on my "Plates" it was so much fun and I was a good girl I found a photo on line and used it as a guide (this is just like cooking)

photo that I found is above and the you can see below that I got really close with my color *notice that the plate is blue...Im using more color* 

Im not sure what I'll make tonight...but what ever it is it'll be fun

thanks for looking

Marisa :)

 PS. sorry it's very blurry with my camera but my video looks a lot better I'll post a link later


  1. Hi Marisa your croisants look great and the cakes below too your minis are fab i love them. I still have to get a nice photo of the giveaway prize i recieved from you when i do i will post it on my blog it has taken pride of place in my bedroom where i get to see it on waking every morning it helps a lot thank you so much xx

  2. Love looking at mini food. You need a place to showcase all your creations. I see a bakery roombox in your future. :-)

  3. See Marisa, Dale thinks you need a room box too :) Your croisants look great!

    Victoria ❤

  4. Te han quedado fantasticos, me encantan!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. thanks guy for the wonderful compliments I really appreciate it, is there a tutorial on how to make a roombox?