Monday, March 14, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!!

Good Morning,
this is what I did on Sat, and Sunday!!  I made good use of the food tutorials because I still have all those boxes of reg sculpt to get rid of and there is no way they'll take them back at Patcatans (I think I bought a few from the Flower Factory too) so the first photo is of the plate I made using the plate tutorial. I think I did pretty well considering the fact that I didn't use a washer like she did but I did use a DVD holder that came from Walgreens (see photo).
and this is what I made, some sweet buns (the pink frosting was fun to make) some french bread (that was fun too) a big chocolate cake(Death by Chocolate anyone?) Last but not least... some cheesecake I even made little rasberrys to go on top of it (I was inspired by that lady who always says rasberrys from "Throughly Modern Milly") I will probably bump it up a notch with some crumbs around the bottom of the cheesecake. (very easy to do) 
now this is the bad part, I totally messed up the plates, I put them in the oven too long and burned the heck out of them, what did I learn from this?  adjust the cooking time!!! I'm not making a doll here I'm making mini food so the cooking time is less than it would be for a doll! * don't worry i'm still working on dolls*
This is the final product (well almost I did add a few things like more French Bread and another Bun, I need to add some flowers or something to that cake but for now it's done,  I dunno what I'll make later on and I'm thinking about calling it "Aunt Mae's Southern Style Home Cooking"  (cause you gotta have a gimmic  *yea I know..Natalie Wood in Gypsie Rose Lee* oh lord!  Aunt Mae is from Mayberry too I'll have to find a new name!)

oh and all I did was mix my clay with acylic paint to get the color I wanted! I'm too cheap to buy all those colors.

I'm thinking about buying some magnets but that's just a thought

take care

Marisa :)


  1. Yummy looking :) at least you didn't burn the food.

    Victoria ❤

  2. LOL, nope that's the one thing I kept my eye on :)