Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kimino - a go go go .... (or WIP Wed, the Kimino is done)


Here is the Kimino, this is the front and the one below is the back, remember this doll is made out of Sculpty, plain ordinary sculpty (why would I do that you ask?..well I didn't read my instructions and I didn't know a thing about clay when I started down this road, I wanted to learn as I went along *and brother did I*) 

 after a lot of blood , sweat, swearing and tears she's almost done but I'm not showing the face yet that will be saved for the big reveal. so my second doll is coming along nicely and what did we learn from this?  read, ask questions, read, ask questions, read, and read again! 

oh this kimino was a bear too,  what you see are satin sleeves (which used to be an old blouse that I hated to iron) , red lace which used to be an xmas bow (see I did listen to suggestions about clothing for Fairys and Fae's) which took forever to dry and cut into shap but I think it works so now I have to work on the "obi"  *I did some research and I'm good to go*

so hopefully this doll will be done soon *see I'm giving myself no time limit I learned that too*  and she's coming along quicker than the mermaid did and I like this doll I didn't before but I do now :)  (thanks for the support guys without you I'd be .... well I wouldn't be here doing this so thank you Victoria and Judy)


PS Welcome new followers I will go peek at your blogs, I did email Cocorina and my phone is working again *it was their fault too*


  1. Me encanta como te ha quedado ese kimono.
    Estoy deseando ver la cara de tu muñeca.
    besitos ascension

  2. Pretty Kimino Marisa! I can't wait to see her. Then you are starting the werewolf right? I want you to make 2 so I can buy one from you. Stay warm girl.

    Victoria ☠

  3. LMAO, yes I'm starting the wolf next :)love you


    thank you Ascension, you'll get to see the face when soon. hugs and kisses

    Marisa :)

  4. Don't Laugh your ass off, I'm serious.

    Victoria ♥ HUGS back at ya :)

  5. She is coming along nicely. I remember when she was just hanging in the air sans clothing. I have made 3 dolls out of sculpty and they are not easy. Trail and error and learn as you go. But it is fun.

  6. love ya Victoria :) the wolf is coming up!