Monday, December 6, 2010

Introducing Ayami

Here is her face, I like how this turned out and I was influenced by Kabuki theater so Ayami is a Kabuki Charactor playing a Forest Fae.

(this is a terrible photo she looks better than this)

for some reason her nose doesn't show up very well in photos but it turned out wonderful, for my second doll I don't think I did too bad, she has a staff too and her display will be done soon..... but she's done  :)  I might darken her lines a bit more since she is a Kabuki Actor playing the part of a Forest Fae *they dont have wings but they can fly, trust me I've watched a lot of Anime* 

sooooooo...the second doll is finished (well except for her display which I've changed...I claim artistic perogative to change displays!..hehe)

tell me what you think and sorry for the horrible flash back
feel free to leave comment, critics and praise please

Love Marisa


  1. I can see the Kabuki influence in her makeup. What kind of scene is she going to be in? I love her costume, I think you did well Marisa. Take her to natural light and get some photos, I think she will show better.

    Victoria ♥

  2. thank you Victoria, I will do that.

    for some reason I want to add more make up to her like maybe a touch of red down the center if I dont like it I can always paint it out right?

  3. I agree with Victoria, natural light would be the way to go. Love the colors!! Good job! Hope your hand is healing.

  4. The eyes are riveting! Cant wait to see the scene she is in.