Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas (or insert your favorite greeting here)

So I wont be posting what I just sent for the Xmas swap cause I don't want to give it away but I think I did a great job covering all my bases. my swap partner should be getting it in 7 to 10 days (cause today is the day we were supposed to send them off *god I hope I didn't screw this up*)   My phone went out before Thanksgiving *Pouncer snuck down into the basement again she does that when the door is open, and the phone line runs along the wall heading down the stairs so I think she did something to the wires...can't blame Verizon for it this time or can I?  apparently a lot of people are having phone problems? I wonder if this is a "jesse Venture"  govt cover up...(Jk) * 

Im using my cell, which I let the min expire so I had to re-up or whatever they call it so we could have a phone. one thing after another isn't I placed a repair order on the land line while I was at work this morning and they keep wanting me to check the line myself   *what they don't understand is that the connection line to the house is about 30 years old so there is no place to plug in a phone (Don't you just love how they know more about your home than you do)

me: my phone is dead, there is no dial tone
her:  have you checked the NID box outside

me: yes, it's old and there is no where to plug in a phone
her: ??..that's unbelieveable
me: it's true

*it sounds like she puts down the phone and runs away from the crazy lady*
her: well if the problem is inside we will have to charge you 35.00
me: ok
her: just wanted to let you know
me: ok *thinks to myself just come out and fix my phone I promise to pay you*
her: ok just check the NID and then call us back but you might not get me again but there are agents here 24/7 *cause you sound insane and I hope I never hear your voice again*
me: ok will do

so a few broken fingernails and a blood blister later I place the repair order on line while I'm on my break *that's 10 min of my life that I wont be getting back*

and after a "Fun" Thanksgiving vacation *where I actually watched all three Chevy Chase's Vacations which  I could totally relate too I'm back at work surrounded by food (no really I have like these big boxes of crackers and some greek pastries and some cresants here in my office , yea my diets gone to hell in a big way) 

moving on I'll be posting a wip wed and I have some good news my neighbor *who I trashed during apple season*  well she came over and we had a little chat, turns out she makes quilts and every sunday we are supposed to have a crafting get together (what have a talked myself into?...oh well)

see ya on Wed



  1. Happy Holidays Marisa! Damn telephones hee hee.
    Victoria :)

  2. Your post really made me smile. What can I say, I enjoy other peoples perils! Makes mine livable, lol... Hope things get better. Blessings. Lady Jane