Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Sunday (well at least for me it is..)

Hello out there in blogger land

it's raining cats and dogs here today, great day to work with clay and finish up a few projects.
I have to take my car in to the shot tomorrow it's making an aweful noise when you turn left and we just
had the brakes replaced not too long ago so I am not sure what the problems is *why is she telling us this?*  well I'll tell you why I was looking on Craigs List and I punched in Dollhouse and what popped up? a 15.00 dollar dollhouse but it's past Akron and I'd have to drive there but with the Car making that aweful racket I don't trust it to go that far.

So I'm bummed out, when things like this pop up on Craigs it's best to get your butt in gear to go grab it
anyway we get free Starz Movie channel today (we got it for 3 days but I've been busy) I watched Julie and Julia,

I am still crying over it and it's supposed to be a feel good movie.  if you get a chance you really should watch it (rent it from you local library, they usually have it there)

I really loved it... of course I cry over anything for example "The Lake House" "The Notebook", "Romancing the Stone", "Something New" "Leap Year" "Letters to Juliet" I'm probably the only person in this world who cries while she crafts.   if Richard comes in I switch over to real TV so he doesn't catch me  :)

WIP updates

the Mermaid is done, her face is painted and I'll post photos later (I left the Camera at biggie just forgot it)  thats one down

time to go in for a good cry (not really I'm pretty much done for today)

Marisa :)


  1. I wish you could have got the doll house. Hope your car isn't too sick. I have been wanting to see Julie & Julia. Like your new music. Hurry up and post the mermaid pictures, I hope it has glitter on the tail hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  2. I'll be posting photos tonight when I get home, Richard took my car today and I got the red cherry bomb Taurus which is a very nice cruiser. I'm glad you liked the music I wanted something a little Halloweeny.


  3. I always cry over movies while I craft too! The biggest ball-baby there ever was :) My husband cracks up because I don't even try to hide it :) Have you seen Dragonfly? Just the right mix of spooky and tear-inducing heart-felt stuff. If you can take the spooky parts that is! I really want to see Letters to Juliet. Your mermaid looks like you've got a good start there, she will be pretty :)