Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something Wicked this way comes!

Not really, but I did get a spooky package in the mail
I wonder what could it be?

let's open it!!

Oh my a skeleton!  I wonder what is inside?


Thank you Victoria!  she sent me some lovely seashells for my display which means I've got to get my little butt in gear now to finish her up! I really hate the tail I just made and since I'm skint I have to wait till payday but I'll finish up with a new tail then painting the mermaid, wigging ... so I can continue my  *Insert dramatic music* dun dun dun...

Marisa's Halloween Project!   I want to do is a Werewolf   *please stop crying and you in the back..stop banging your head against the desk you'll break something! simmer down now and let me explain*   

I've been doing some reasearch on werewolves *I love them so that is going to be my next project as soon as I get the Fae done, she is bulked up like the hulk  on steroids! but I have a plan B* this time I will follow the instructions and I have a model so I can't go wrong *Hey ,Hey, there Missy I can see you through the screen stop that laughing* I have tons of photos and I got my Groove back!

so to wrap this up I want to say thanks again to My wonderful Friend Victoria for the seashells!! HUGS  :)

*blows bubbles*



  1. I am The Wicked Witch of the West you know hee hee, your welcome. I am so excited about this werewolf you are going to make. Some day I am going to get back into clay. Mermaid on steroids still laughing. Are you really going to follow the instructions? did you find a tutorial on werewolves? I wanna make one too, I need to redress my guy. Red plaid shirt? Being silly, we spent 5 hours in town today...groceries, plumbing parts, pawn shops, thrift store. Hubby was looking for welder, found on at a welding shop duh!!! it was record high of 91.

    Victoria ♥

  2. well the truth is I am participating in a challenge on the oak guild forum, they are having a wee beasty competition and I joined in. I didn't keep up with it and they started sept 9th so I am a bit behind..I'll post the information