Thursday, October 7, 2010

Internet Problems


I can't get on the Internet at home so they will be sending me a new router?  the box turns on and the DSL light comes on but the world lite at the bottom wont come on so I've been without for two days.

They're sending me a new router, do you think they'll deduct the days I can't get on the internet from my bill? you do?  I have some lake front property in AZ to sell you.




  1. My cable company would, they are local. Bummer not being able to get on net, i would either go crazy or get more done hee hee. my laptop is still alive, have to turn off after couple hours or it shuts it's self off always when you are doing something important. Hugs back to you girl XXX

    Victoria ♥

  2. it's just crazy! first the car now the internet what's next? sometimes I think I'm cursed! :P

    Happy Halloween Hon

    Marisa :P (----- thats me going slowly out of my mind!

  3. Hi Marisa,
    sorry- I don´t have a suggestion for this specific case I just wanted to thank you for your always lovely comments in my blog!!!

  4. Hello Marisa, Lovely name by the way. Thank you so much for coming to visit me, and leaving such sweet messages! Internet problems are not good! I would be up a creek without my computer! My router acted up several times, and I was so frustrated with the "tech" help I was receiving, I finally learned to fix it myself. My PC is hard wired, and the router runs off of my conection..The router provides my hubbys laptop with Internet, when the router fails, all I have to do is this..turn my DSL box off, then unplug the that order..then turn the DSL box on, let it load up completely, and plug the router back in...voila! For some reason the router looses the connection, and then doesn't recognise the computer/ internet connection, so this is the cure. Maybe this is what is wrong with yours as well! Good luck with it.
    In regards to your message left for me,
    I often find inspiration in nature, but lately have found so much inspiration in old movies! My youngest grandson inspires me daily..this kid is a Hoot!..oh the vocabulary he has already at two! Have a great day Marisa, hope your car troubles, and internet troubles are over soon. xoxox Christel

  5. hahaha, Christel that didn't work the poor little thing died the man at the internet company said they didn't get a signal at all and I ran around plugging and unplugging things like a mad woman.

    oh well sometimes things happenf for a reason
    thanks for the helpful advice though

    Marisa :)