Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ok this is the new head I'm working on, sorry it's not clear I had problems with the camera, trust me it does need a lot of work. for some reason I can't get the mouth just right and the eyes are giving me problems but the nose looks good and the overall shape is coming together. needs a bit more work. the Mermaid/Sea Hag is below...yes, isn't she just lovely (thats sarcasm BTW), ok I've ripped her apart and I will be taking off the paint with acetone and a little sanding. what I found out was that you can use fingernail polish remover and fingernail files if you don't have the good stuff from the hardware store. *this is my first time using it so lets see how it turns out. the list for her is as follows

1. remove paint and sand
2 . fix her ears and bake them
3. fix her hands and bake them
4. fix her tail and bake it
5. add her scales and make sure everything is scale, then bake the entire doll with everything attached

*yea, I'm going to have to fix her girls and her bottom, add a bit more detail to the tum tum too!

thats the plan
will still need to get Teddy Bear Stuffing to prop her up and she will need a display, the good thing about acrylic paint is that it's easy to remove. I'll move up to heat set oils later or not..who knows
on ward and up head is in the oven baking I going to work on the body tonight..add some dirty clay and then bake it so it wont give me any trouble..maybe tomorrow I'll attach it and see what else I need to do to her/

right now it's the mermaid..time to foil her bum and get her sorted

then bedtime, 5:00 am comes early here.

Cheers mates

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