Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ok, I did some searching and found a site that explains how to use liquid Sculpty to transfer photos so instead of using leather, steel, copper, ect. just download from the computer, print from a laser printer and then cover with L.S. then bake.....simple huh :)

*my mind is reeling from the possiblities this means no more searching for the right fabric just download something to photo transfer and cover it with L.S. and bake..what could be simplier?*

before I forget here is the information:

so you want leather boots and don't have the money to buy leather? No problems down load some leather looking art from the net and then print it out on your laser printer, bake and there you go..leather for your boots and you can do colors too

ok update on the sculpting

I looked at the face I baked last night, I don't like the lips...all my doll faces look like they have Lisa Rinna lips *even Lisa Rinna says that's a bad thing* I was so disappointed this morning when I looked at it but I guess it's a learning process.

I'll post photos of the face later on tonight

Bye Ya'll *yes I've been watching Paula Dean again*

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